Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vinyl Zappa: "Anything" from "Cruising With Ruben & The Jets" The VINYL VERSION!

Frank Zappa is one of my heros. He helped me make it through high school. Anyone who knows their Zappa knows that the album "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" as released in 1968 is no longer available. When Frank won his lawsuit against Warner Bros Records, he got all his master tapes back from the 700 million albums he released through them. He proceeded to re-release them in the brand new Compact Disc format often times remixing/remastering the original master tapes.
Well, somewhere along the way he decided to RE-RECORD some of the bass and drum tracks on a couple of CD reissues, causing purists to wilt into whining little particles of undetermined origin. Imagine, you listened to this nifty little doo wop Zappa album for 17 years with good ole Roy Estrada's 1968 sounding bass guitar and that pre-70's studio drum sound suddenly replaced by a completely different feeling "pulse" recorded over 10 years later by different musicians.
Thankfully we still have used vinyl. When i saw this record in a bin of a Portland, Maine record store for $3, I nearly said the word "shit" out loud in front of everybody. I really love this tune. It was co-written by Ray Collins.
Anything (Vinyl Version) - The Mothers Of Invention [FLAC]
{Re-Uploaded August 24, 2012}


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