Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fuckmusket Private Sessions

Fuckmusket was a band destined to die. What started out as a freeform recording project for improvisation ended up as a rehearsed band doing live shows. Only one album was ever officially released, "Test Tube Trailer", but there remains a live album and another studio album that lay unreleased for some unknown reason. Here's some tracks from the "Fuckmusket Private Sessions (Unfinished Album)". Mostly a collection of improvisations from a large group of people recorded between 1994-1997. This album continues to lay unreleased, with some of the tracks only available on sampler compilations. These tracks represent a small portion of what the album supposedly offers. There is an estimated 200 hours of material from this project. Maybe that's why it was never finished. Shame on you Fuckmusket! In Between My Dreams- Fuckmusket (3.8 Mb file) Passion Thick And Delicate- Fuckmusket (2.2 MB File) Anyway- Fuckmusket (2 MB file) Crashdown (No Joyride)-

Fuckmusket (4 MB file) Josh And Pat Get Down With Anjaaca- Fuckmusket (7.8 MB) If you want to make it easy and exciting for yourself, try downloading 1 Winrar file (53 MB) with 18 Tracks from FUCKMUSKET PRIVATE SESSIONS via Rapidshare


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