Monday, January 23, 2006

America's Very Own Clint Hartzell

Fans of experimental electronic music should go for this. The man who made them is high on my list.

Clint Hartzell Live 10/20/06 @ Lompoc Cafe - Bar Harbor, Maine

This recording was Clint opening for a band I was in at the time called Full Contact Kitty. Halfway through you can hear Clint and I talking briefly about him doing sound for us after his set. This track replaces the tracks originally posted here in 2006, as I cannot find the originals. It was uploaded on September 1, 2012. Check out a more recent track of his here:


Anonymous Clint said...


I don't know if i told you, but the drum sounds from the last two songs you put up are recordings of jason, both from the congo church gig I think. that is definitely where I got the drums for that middle song- and you can hear some audience members (your neices?) saying something like "does he work here?"

I don't know who they were looking at. anyway, maine's finest, jason dean, appears on those two songs. the last song is probably twisted beyond recongnition though. you can sort of tell it's jason at the end.

I'll be done with college for good this spring so we should plan some really boisterous and interesting new music if you will be around. maybe we can travel a bit.

Thanks for putting my songs on the world wide web!


9:19 PM  

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