Thursday, January 19, 2006

Woody Allen On Comedy

This is an interesting artifact. The guy asking all the questions wins the WILL MATSON AWARD for diligent uninspired professional "how the fuck did you get in here?" type personality.
Woody Allen Interview 1966


Blogger weasel said...

Poor Will Matson.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing that it is an online post, I don't know if the comment is meant to compliment me or slam me. If it is a slam, all I can say is I am not as shitty of a show host as some of the people at WRFR make me out to be so lay off.

It is not like anyone at WRFR is headed for satellite radio, national syndication or even a full-time job in radio. I've listened to nearly every program that has made an appearance in the past four years I've been on the staff and we don't have anyone who will give Casey Kasem a run for his money.

I've done over 200 episodes of "Smash Alley" and spent over four years in the same time slot. I actually have four years into the station and show up every week unlike some of the stiffs who like to talk shit about me. You and Weasel may not like it but I am here to stay. I've been at WRFR for four years and did the same show in Windham, Maine for four years on another station.

If it wasn't a slam, I apologize, but I am not going to tolerate negative comments from other people when they have their own shows to worry about. You don't see me running off at the mouth about other hosts. I listen to other shows, so I have plenty of ammunition if I was the type to talk about other shows but I am not.

People involved with the station shouldn't be talking about the so-called poor quality of my show, considering I am the one hosting it and it is none of their damn business.

It's not like the people mouthing off about me are super-talented themselves. I am hardly the only one with a dry, deadpan personality, yet I am the only one people come after. Leave me the hell alone, will ya?


Will Matson

10:31 AM  
Blogger Charles Hendrick IV said...

I've always thought Casey Kasem was the symbol of the crappy commercial radio machine that has increasingly monopolized the radio industry. If someone really wanted to give Casey Kasem "a run for his money", one would have to be seriously lacking in inspiration.
I think anyone who does community radio should get some kudos, because it enhances the community in which they live. The lack of professional continuity is what makes community radio unique. I enjoy finding humor in everyday situations, so it's only natural that I would find some of these unique "afflictions" that go along with the station a ripe target for easy laughs. With that in mind I think you should approach your reaction with a touch of good humor. I'm not on a campaign to "slam" you or anyone else. I will excersize my right to express myself in any way I feel like and that is not going to change, EVER. When you make a decision to put yourself in front of the public, like you do with your radio shows, you have to realize that people are gonna react to you. These reactions may not always be what you think they should be, so you have to deal with it, even if you don't like it. I'm surprised that with all of your extensive radio experience that you insist on mentioning this hasn't occurred to you. I think if I or someone else tried to slander you or launch a serious personal attack in public this might be cause for concern, but the joke was based purely on the personality that you project on the public airwaves and I have the right to comment on that if I choose. I really don't know you so it's not like I'm using any "ammunition" based on any personal experience I might have had with you. So basically, lighten up. I can say whatever the fuck I want here on this blog. I certainly don't go out of my way to offend you or anyone else. If you're gonna be in front of the public, you gotta not be so friggin' sensitive about this kinda thang.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right about one thing. You don't know me. So I find it unusual that you choose to single me out for your attempts at humor. Out of all the people at WRFR, you pick me to make an example of.

Your listeners and readers have no idea who I am, so your attempts at humor would be better if you named an established personality like Ben Stein or Don Imus. They have the same dry, deadpan personality that I project on air.

When did I attempt to stifle your free speech? For the record, I don't care if listeners like me or not. I am aware of my very minor role as a public figure. I've done 400 broadcasts at WRFR and probably just as many at college radio before that.

I've gotten both good and bad comments from listeners in the community, neither of which have any impact on how I host a radio show. I have friends and family that don't like my show or the way I sound on the air and it doesn't bother me.

You're missing the boat by assuming I am sensitive to what everybody says. I've been hearing for several years that I talk too much on air, play outdated rock music and sometimes sound winded on the mic. If some random listener makes those comments, I shrug them off. Fuck them, I'm going to keep on doing it because it works for ME.

The only time any of those comments bother me is if they are from somebody at WRFR. That has nothing to do with me being sensitive. I thought it was a common courtesy to have a little respect for other people and their shows.

Some dj's at WRFR are good and other dj's are bad. Unlike you, I don't single them out to be funny. I could make fun of other shows or hosts at WRFR all day long but that doesn't make it right. I admire even mediocre or poor dj's for the work they put into their shows and the fact they show up. I'm not going to speak up about them, especially when I don't even know most of them.

As for myself, I've always said the actual show and the playlist are the best part about my broadcasts. I never said I was a great radio personality. I'm average at best. I do it for my own enjoyment, not to be popular or get ratings.

Your humor seems influenced by Dave Barry. He is as homogenized as Casey Kasem. At least Casey deserves to be nationally syndicated. Why the Free Press prints Dave's column every week instead of giving the space to a local writer in the community is beyond me. I wish they would ax his column already and get somebody else in there who is from the area and not from "away."

Go ahead and talk about me since you are going to say "whatever the fuck you want." At least take the time to spell my name right when you write about me again.



12:14 PM  

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