Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jaleos con La Marelu

Two selections from a tape that I found somewhere. Don't know much about La Marelu, do you? Great voice, fabulous shirt. It looks as though she's squeezing her waist to make it even smaller. What do you suppose she's looking at off to the side? Ya Ya Amour- La Marelu (9 MB)
Los Hijos De La Maria- La Marelu (5 MB)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a Flamenco Dancer in my youth. I lived in Spain as a young girl where my parents had a Jazz group. I fell in love with Flamenco. I knew Marilu and worked with her in Palma De Mayorca in 1977. No she wasn't pressuring her waist down it was just her way of standing, she had a great figure. Not only did I work with Marilu, I shared an apartement with her on our dance tours. She is a great Flamenco singer but was (until I left Spain in 1991) never given her very deserving place in the difficult and competious Flamenco world.

Teresa: Anaheim California

9:29 AM  
Anonymous xanti gonzalez said...

me and my friends are great fans of marelu, available all the material. also last concert in cadiz with el barrio together was succesful, in a party of the barcelona station radio teletaxi... if you like it dont miss her husband el parrita
my email for all flamenco fans xantigonzalez@mailshack.com

8:32 PM  
Blogger maya muya said...

İ loveeeeee loveeeee la marelu im from turkey but who is la marelu?? About about writed???

12:58 AM  

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