Friday, January 13, 2006

Keir Dullea

When people hear the name 'Keir Dullea' they either think "Oh, that child actor from the 80's" or "Isn't that a brand of ski boots?". Then again others may think "He's the guy in Stanley Kubrick's 2001." He was good in close ups. You see his face alot in some of his movies. There is something unique about his expressions. There's also something unique about his music, but in a very different way. I'm afraid I'd have to put his music in the "Oddball Actor Who Likes Singing In Public" category. I wonder if Keir ever took Stanley aside during the making of 2001 and said "You know Stanny baby, you could use a good Broadway number here. Choregraph some of these switchboard lights, bring out some tuxedos, we could have HAL and me do a duet, whaddya think Stanny? Will it work?" 

Keir Dullea- Mother Earth
{Re-Uploaded August 30, 2012}

I thought it might be nice in addition to hearing Keir sing for us about Mother Earth to hear him totally freak out when someone touches his shoulder in the movie "David And Lisa" which he starred with Janet Margolin way back in 1962. This is another great movie made by another interesting film director named Frank Perry.(469.42 KB file)"You Touched Me!!!- from David And Lisa 1962


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