Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Super Double Dose Of Prince Bootleg Action

Popular music is everywhere getting the public's attention through the heavy rotation of corporate owned radio and television. In this redundant muck of staleness you can always find a few genuinely interesting "artists" that outlast the hype. One such "artist" is a guy named Prince Nelson Rodgers (Prince for short). He was a megastar in the eighties and has since become a kind of representation of that era when people are searching for nostalgic icons. The man is extremely prolific and seems to always have some new album or single coming out. I think he is one of the greatest events to come out of the various eras of popular music ever and he still impresses me. This is why I am posting these two absolutely fantastic bootleg recordings. They come from two different bootleg CD's that I bought a long time ago and I've never come across them on the internet. Both are from the early 1990's band that he had and both have superb sound quality. The "1999 Medley" is a real knockout showing how tight that band he had was. It actually reminds me of how FRANK ZAPPA often puts his band through a tough workout: improv mixed with very specific changes and real bandleader manipulation. Check 'em out!(10.1 MB file) Shhhh! (Live 1993)- Prince (19 MB file) Medley (Live 1993)- Prince


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