Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mass Murderers Who Were Nice

The film is "The Third Man" (1949) directed by Carol Reed. Harry Lime is probably one of the most likable pricks in film history. Orson Welles was born to play the mass murdering racketeer who is killed at the end of the film. Orson resurrected Harry Lime as a character for radio in 1951. In this series, Harry Lime was a hero protecting the world from villians who do awful things. It's funny because Harry Lime was a villian who did very awful things in the original film "The Third Man". It's nice to hear Orson on the radio doing his little movies for your ears. There was also a straight version of "The Third Man" done for radio in 1951 with Joseph Cotten reprising his role of Holly Martens.
Orson Welles' The Lives Of Harry Lime "A Ticket To Tangiers" (11 MB) The Lux Radio Theatre Presents: "The Third Man" with Joseph Cotten & Evelyn Keyes (24.4 MB)
Charlie Chaplin had the honor of portraying another friendly mass murderer. The former bank clerk Henri Verdoux was portrayed as a lovable romantic killer in the film "Monsieur Verdoux" (1947). He practiced the art of bigamy and mass murder in a most whimsical way. Unfortunately I have visions in my head of some schmuck getting Jim Carrey or Chevy Chase to star in a wretched Hollywood remake. Monsieur Verdoux Opening Theme/Narration- Charlie Chaplin (2MB)
Three nice old ladies killing off the lonely people in the world. I personally think these old ladies were doing the world a service. Cary Grant always hated his performance in this classic movie that was made in 1941.
From "Arsenic & Old Lace" (1944) (1.2 MB)
Can't help but think of John Waters' "Serial Mom" (1994) so I added this...
"Is this the Cocksucker residence?" from "Serial Mom" (less than a tiny little MB)


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