Monday, March 06, 2006

John Zorn/Marc Ribot The Book Of Heads

John Zorn gets me right fired up. I enjoy all his various moods. These are some of his compositions for guitar played by Marc Ribot. These were written for and dedicated to Eugene Chadbourne back in 1978, but recorded in 1995. Marc Ribot handles unconventional music writing like a trucker handles coffee. Highly recommended for fans of unusual solo guitar music.
Etude 5
Etude 11
Etude 14
Etude 23
Etude 29
Etude 32
Etude 35

All 35 Etudes........
John Zorn The Book Of Heads (85 MB WINRAR file from Rapidshare)


Anonymous schralenbef said...

ThanX for the John Zorn album. I love his works!

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Einar said...

Could you please repost this?

1:10 AM  

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