Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Material Live From Soundscape 1981

This is one of those albums that I would take with me on a desert island. How does one play a CD when stranded on a desert island? It's only a matter of time before your batteries will die. If you could charge your batteries through some wireless method, it may work. Anyway, this album is superior. It's not polished or clean. There are none of the usual Dub interludes associated with Bill Laswell. This band goes beyond the one eyed monster at the end of the tunnel. FRED FRITH-guitar/BILL LASWELL-bass/MICHEAL BEINHORN- electronics/DAVID MOSS- percussion/CHARLES NOYES- percussion/MARK MILLER- percussion. David Moss is astonishing. I used to have a solo album of his that is even more superior, but I lost it (doh!) He's playing the percussion that sounds more like objects being hit (as opposed to a DRUMKIT). He also does some strange vocal sound effects occasionally in this performance. He's someone who I'd like to hear more of. Of course Fred Frith is always good company on a record. I think I liked Material the best when he was around. What a swell guy to be playing the guitar like he was some kind of retarded genius. Bill "Mr. Dubs A Lot" Laswell always impresses me when he breaks away from the Land O'Hooks that he often treads in. He drags that bass through the attack of clanging percussion with no concern for establishing a snappy platform for them to rest. Two sets of Traps go in and out of the various variations found in chunky backbeats stopping and starting unexpectedly throughout. If you like to be awoken from a dream after you've died, this record is for you. Chaos Never Died- Material Live From Soundscape October 16, 1981 [FLAC]     password: [TITS]
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