Friday, March 03, 2006

Elvis Parsley Retires?

Last night on WRFR-LP FM Elvis Parsley, host of The Late Late Breakfast Show, annouced he is taking some time off. Possibly 6 months or maybe even permanantly. He will be missed. Midcoast Maine will no longer be able to hear his familiar British accent assembling spoken commentaries. Nor will they be hearing his mix of tunes ranging from Pop to R&B and Novelty (also Fat Or Thin Elvis). No more Marvin Gaye inspired local events. No more childhood memories chatter. No more miscellanous news rantings. It's more of a benefit to us computer dwellers because he'll be spouting more on his blog. Go check out Wisdom Weasle.
It changes the thursday night alliance at the station because Elvis follows my radio show Chasradio (5-8 pm Thurdays WRFR-LP 93.3/99.3 Midcoast Maine or WRFR.ORG). Sometimes we'd have on-air silly talk at the end of my show which I always liked so I'm giving you some examples below.
Chas & Elvis discuss the "Hooked On Classics" records,Buggles,and Electric Light Orchestra (7 MB)

Chas & Elvis listen to George Burns sing "Fixing A Hole"/Wink Martindale "Deck Of Cards" (7.7 MB)
Chas & Elvis on the holidays 2005 (3.7 MB)
Chas & Elvis: "Viking Drinking Horn" (1.5 MB)
Chas talks about Elvis behind his back (1.5 MB)
Chas & Elvis: Smoking Montage discussion (2.9 MB)
Chas & Elvis: Noises From The Backside (3.7 Mb)


Blogger weasel said...

I should retire more often. Man, we should just do little chats on line.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Tracii Steele said...

Say it aint so.

10:39 PM  

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