Saturday, April 29, 2006

John Waters Interviews Edith Massey & Divine 1980

These interviews came from a Bonus DVD from the John Waters Collection on New Line Home Entertainment. You had to send your Proof Of Purchase tags from all the DVDs in the collection to New Line and they sent you a Bonus DVD. It's got tons of film footage and audio interviews.  These interviews were done for John Waters' book "Shock Value". I believe these were recorded around 1980. John Waters is a heck of a talker, and if you wanna hear him talk you should check out the Directors Commentary on any of his DVD releases. Guaranteed hilarious entertainment, even if you're not a huge fan of his films. He's one of the greatest storytellers of all time. He's letting the others do the talking here, well mostly. He gets a few tidbits in there.

John Waters Interviews Edith Massey And Divine [FLAC]  password: TITS
{Re-Uploaded August 31, 2012}


Blogger Turk said...

i LOVE the idea of this blog, just discovered it so (imo) the dreaded 'You Send It (we remove it).

The day of YSI's file expire date policy decision - "What do you mean people haven't got esp? of course they know a file is waiting for them.. ok itnstead of 10 minutes .. we will give it another 5 and remove it, thats far too long anyway..."

i like them :)

Avaxafile (?) are great (especially for multiple small files) as they can be downloaded 2,3 ??? etc at a time..

Where was I... :) (delete button?)

Yep great blog idea.

For 'folle interest.

Though the early electronic music albums i'd LOVE to hear x 2 - if you can try, check 'Early Guru's of Electronic Music'*** - theres a date after i think its 1920-1960 or 1910, great stuff.

I study audio science and watching a guy in the 20's twisting knobs on a bus sized 'steam powered(?)' electronic sine wave generator, creating sine waves that so obviously sounded like drums and what would be rolands TB303, 707,808,909 etc in time yet he is trying to create his perception of music of the time (jazz & classical - trumpets & violins (technologically only achieved last year! within a software enviroment without sample triggering), is quiet a thing (re the perceptual time gap etc from his Jazz/Classical attempts to what was obvious to my ears, sounds heard in IDM, D'n'B, Breakcore and Dance in general), re the blog, it is also excellent resource for samples (copyright? eh?) though possibly an overdone option in music yet does open possibilities for those who wish to try creating as 'People Like Us' do.
The technique of the Burroughs and crew 'cut n paste' (cut ups) of newspapers & magazines but applied to audio/music (People Like Us do have a web site and she has a number of downloads on site)

I hope I didn't bore you in what started as a small thank you but again (my blog***) as W S Burroughs said 'Words are like Viruses' though i dont think he ment it in the way i've turned it into a typing overload....

I have many odd audio snippets from 50's Sex Education, 60's Phaze & Stereo Hi Fi testing albums, War Propaganda to M L K Jnr, Dalai Lama, Terence McKenna, Leary, the Beat gen crew & the merry pranksters to Jello BIAFRA, HENRY ROLLINS and as 2 of my Blogs (1 music the other topical) are named & with Will Burroughs in mind as the auto-suggestion for then title, i also have hours of his lectures, readings and misc so maybe a 3rd aural-virus.blogspot shall be born being a blatant copycat of your great idea.... What name? i bet aural & virus will be in there somewhere... 'The' '3'? 'a...-v....alphabet?...' a...-v...alpha?? then its the last to set up so a-vomega? nah...

shut up?

oops yes i must sorry :)


btw they are new, but please feel very welcome to visit :)

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