Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Residents Mark Of The Mole


Anonymous clint 'clintington' hartzell said...


I cannot listen to all yousendit files for some reason. when I come home this summer we will have to sit around and listen to a lot of music. I will probably be home for at least 6 months! we can do some really good music.

I just made some progress with some of the electronic stuff I started in 2004. it is the first 3 songs here:

on friday I was up till 5:30 am because I had all kinds of inspirations going on. I had just watched a biography of bob moog, which is really awesome and I would highly recommend it. anyway those songs are sort of produced in the same way his synthesizers work, drums bass and everything are synthesized from sine waves.

I miss hanging out and playing music, so I hope you will be available when I come home!

enjoy the music- I love checking out the stuff you post here when my computer is smart enough to understand it.


oh ps. my friend steve, whose wedding we played at, loves the residents. they are his favorite band!

take care

11:25 PM  
Anonymous sweetsweat back said...

charlie brown eye(s) its me sprinkle Dz your longlost brothern thnx fo the 'ruckus' tribulation it is my favorite movie!Ive seen a lotta music recently Bill Frizzle my nizzel, LennyWhite&VictorBailey from weatherreport,the finest drumming I have ever seen live,Kool&theGang the trumpet players one handed cartwheel while playing the his horn on stage stole la show..oh yeah and micheal bolton,Fiona Apple and lynard was a strange festival there were two stagestages oppisite of each otherand skynard started playing towards the end of Frissel last act you could kind of hear them both and Bill fissel said "I never thought I'd be doing a duet with Lynard Skynard" funny any way chank I'll see ya very soon love me

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance for a reup?
been looking for this a long time...
great blog, got you bookmarked!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous dana borremans said...

hi charlie-
it's dana. wanted to say hi. hope you are well. as always love you.


11:04 PM  

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