Monday, January 16, 2006

Bewitched Bothered And Bea Kalmus

The coolest part about this record I found is the fact that it was SIGNED by BEA HERSELF! When I buy a used record such as this I always imagine what the circumstances were when it was originally purchased brand new. Some couple in Chicago at The Chez Paree having cocktails while Bea bares her soothing soul nearly traumatizing the poor busboy with her leering "come get me" eyes every night. After her set she meets with all the nice couples to sign their new Bea vinyl covers. She politely chats about her devotion to show business and smiles as they all congratulate her. "I love your hair. You must have your own personal hairdresser." says wifey. "No doll, I do my own hair, and someday some little brat named DWEEZIL(see post below) is gonna wear this and call it his!" answers Bea.
Extra special note: The album says that Bea was the FIRST FEMALE DISC JOCKEY IN THE UNITED STATES. Oh, and also she is known for her IMPRESSIONS of famous people. (2.1 MB file) You Belong To My Heart - BEA KALMUS [FLAC]
{Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}


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