Friday, February 10, 2006

Batman & Robin

Some tracks from a tape that hasn't been played in over 10 years. It's the TV music with bits of narraration and dialog. "Holy Hole In A Doughnut" is Robins Shining Moment. So are these photos which are from a celebrity fantasy spread that BURT WARD (Robin) did for Hustler magazine in 1984.

Holy Hole In The Doughnut- Nelson Riddle (w/Batman & Robin)(2.6 MB) Batman Thaws Mr. Freeze (or That's The Way The Ice Cube Crumbles!)- Nelson Riddle (w/Batman & Robin) (2.8 MB) Zelda Tempts Batman (or Must He Go It Alone)- Nelson Riddle (w/Batman & Robin) (3.3 MB)
A little something produced by Frank Zappa. All credit goes to the good folks @
Burt Ward - The Boy Wonder Session Tapes [FLAC]


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