Friday, February 03, 2006

The Real Richard Simmons

Listening to this record could make you sterile. Lyrics like "'Cause every mornings the key, It's either coffee or me" offer many questions to the Listener/Victim. I remember being a very young child and seeing Richard Simmons on Good Morning America wearing his little sweatsuit. He spoke as if he were a mixture of gym teacher/hairdresser and had all the qualities of a future Hollywood Squares fixture. Why not see what Richards message of the day is?
Richard Simmons - Wake Up (12'' Single) [FLAC]
{Re-Uploaded August 17, 2012}


Anonymous I guess I don't have a profile said...

Did you see the clip of Richard being interviewed about his upcoming trip to LA (to find his brother) after Katrina hit? It was touching as he started weeping.

Hey - thanks for the link to my Friday Weirdo Shakedown

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