Saturday, February 04, 2006

Josh White

I discovered Josh White when I bought one of those Hootenany Folk compilation LP's. They had an abridged version of "John Henry" that knocked me out. When I saw a few Josh White albums at The Salvation Army in Rockland, Maine I grabbed em. When Josh White was a boy, he used to hang around the likes of Blind Lemon Jefferson. His version of "Strange Fruit" is one of the very best. Strange Fruit- Josh White (5.6 MB)
You Don't Know My Mind- Josh White (6 MB) Sam Hall- Josh White (4.6 MB) Good Morning, Blues- Josh White (5.3 MB) These tracks here come from a very scratchy source, but fuck it... Motherless Children- Josh White (4.9 MB) Careless Love- Josh White (3.6 MB)


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