Friday, February 17, 2006

Cold War Christians Part 1: John Noble

There are lots of freaky Christian records out there. They seem to be in every Goodwill and Salvation Army in the world. I have way too many of these. Often times the Christian Doctrine is mixed with Anti-Communist ranting. Here's a great one. John Noble has good reason to hate the commies because he was taken prisoner by them. He goes into all the lurid detail of being a prisoner in Siberia. It's actually a pretty interesting story peppered with propaganda and Christian hoo ha....

password: TITS
    John Noble Slave I.E.241 [FLAC]
{Re-Uploaded August 18, 2012}


Blogger Ben T. said...

Damn! This was in my queue to record and post over at These Records are BenT!

I found it in a thrift shop in PA over a year ago.

It's a truly odd narrative, and an almost unbelievable tale how he and his dad go trapped behind the Iron Curtain.

I'll just point people your way, and find something else to post, I guess....sniff! (tears)..

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God save the queen, a fashit regime,they make u morrooon, potencial H bombs

10:28 AM  

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