Tuesday, February 14, 2006

St. Valentines Day Massacre

I can never keep up with the latest dances
Prince went way overboard with this one. He got his new friend Kim Basinger to moan and breathe and say funny things like "I can't help it" in whispery tones. "Scandalous" is presented here in 3 parts. The 2nd part "The Passion" is my favorite. It's a got the song done with a slick gospel answer vocal. This was a song that Prince co-wrote with his father. All of these tracks are out of print except "When 2 R In Love", but I think I may have heard some new ramblings in there somewhere.
Scandalous - The Crime- Prince (featuring Kim Basinger)(9.4 MB) Scandalous - The Passion- Prince (featuring Kim Basinger) (9.2 MB) Scandalous - The Rapture- Prince (featuring Kim Basinger)(9.4 MB)Sex "the 80's are over and the time has come 4 monogamy and trust"- Prince (10.3 MB) When 2 R In Love- Prince (6 MB)
Take these 2 rarities which I love very much. Love Or Money- Prince (5 MB) Witness For The Prosecution- Prince (4 MB)


Blogger Gerard said...

Hey, I'd LOVE to get a copy of that Prince "Love Or Money" if you still have it. Let me know, THANKS!

7:27 PM  

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