Friday, February 17, 2006

Neil Young & Sonic Youth

I guess it was about 1991 when I went to see Neil Young & Sonic Youth in Portland, Maine. Sonic Youth (& Social Distortion) opened for Neil and the audience was not amused. I had the feeling that alot of the crowd around me were praying to the Lord Jesus that Sonic Youth would end and Neil would do "Horse With No Name" (because they still thought he did that song). It was great. One woman behind me had her head buried in her man's armpit when Sonic Youth played 10 minutes of feedback at the end of their set. I was pleased when Neil released "Arc" which consisted of 1 long noise improv song filled with feedback and wails.
Arc- Neil Young & Crazy Horse (51 MB) Sonic Death - Early Sonic - 1981-1983 Side Two (41.6 MB)


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