Saturday, February 18, 2006


Terry Gilliam's "Brazil" was an event for me when I saw it around 1985 on VHS. The notion of a sort of dream seen as a film was fairly new to me. I didn't always understand what I saw in the film, but it had a visual attitude that I could relate to. The dark cartoonish fantasy atmosphere with odd bursts of humor and violence spoke to me like no other film I'd seen. Watching it again recently I found myself laughing more than I had previously. This movie is odd, folks. We're lucky to have guys like Terry Gilliam in Hollywood taking chances. The soundtrack is cool. Micheal Kamen (rest in peace) sounds like he had fun with it. The usual tasters... Central Services / The Office- Michael Kamen and The National Philharmonic Orchestra (3.2 MB) Bachianos Brazil Samba- Michael Kamen and The National Philharmonic Orchestra (4.9 MB)
or the enire thing... Brazil Motion Picture Soundtrack (62.7 MB WINRAR file from RAPIDSHARE) The usual bits from the film.... Singing Telegram- from "Brazil""What a pathetic creature I am!"- from "Brazil" "What have you done with his body?!!!??"- from "Brazil" The making of "Brazil" was as dramatic and agonizing as any other Terry Gilliam project. This one produced a nasty public fued between Terry and the Studio Executives at Universal, particularly a Mr. Sid Sheinberg. Here's some clips from an interview that was conducted in 1985 by Jack Mathews. We have a unique portrait of the kind of men who run Hollywood. Interview With Sid Sheinberg 1985 Part 1 (5.6 MB) Interview With Sid Sheinberg 1985 Part 2 (2.8 MB)
I can't resist adding some Python....
The Background To History- Monty Python (12 MB) This is a medley of tunes by WILSON SIMONAL and in there you can hear a snatch of good ole "Brazil".. Na Baixa Do Sapateiro/Aquerela Do Brasil/Terra Seca- Wilson Simonal (4.1 MB)
In the film "Brazil" we have several scenes with the Marx Brothers on the telly in the background. The movie they show is "The Cocoanuts", their very first feature. More on the Marx Brothers on another day. Until then, how about some snippets from "Cocoanuts"...... "We want money!"- from "The Cocoanuts" (4.8 MB) "I want my shirt!"- from "The Cocoanuts" (2 MB)


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