Saturday, April 01, 2006

Some Unknown Japanese Dude

Years ago I used to go to a local Japanese restaurant where this guy named Hiro worked. He was a very amiable Japanese man who didn't know anyone in the area and had a limited English vocabulary. Somehow we started a conversation about Sergio Leone and we became friends.
We used to hang out at the restaurant after hours and drink Saki while listening to tunes sometimes. One of those times he put on a CD of music from Japan. It was a kind of Disco/Funk in Japanese. Some of it was a little cheesey (which was good) and some of it was pretty funky. I liked it so much that he gave me the CD. He told me who it was, but I can't remember (does anyone know?). He told it was like a Japanese Weird Al Yankovich, which made me more curious. What could this guy be singing? Was it funny? Who knows?
Happy April Fools Day!

here's my favorite tune......
Track 4

all from You Send It....
entire Unknown Japanese Dude in one 86 MB WINRAR file


Anonymous stronbolioio said...

the bands name is 'DANCE MAN'
can't tell which particular album from the list. sorry!

8:29 PM  

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