Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Milford Graves Grand Unification

Drummers are usually the coolest people when comparing them to other musicians. They sit in the back and keep everything MOVING. They often have a wider range of musical appreciation and can be more versatile with musical styles they play. They're also generally more friendly and less egotistic than the other musicians who play in a group. This has been my experience anyway and it's certainly not always the case.

Milford Graves is a drummer who displays an unusual amount freedom and exploration on his skins and seems to have a bit of eccentricity in there for good measure. This recording has an innocence and good nature embedded in it that I haven't found in very many "jazz" related solo records. Tons of drums (as pictured on the cover) with bits of vocals here and there. It has an unpretentious sound quality as well. They don't try to make each drum sound like your inside of it. It's more like you're in the room with lots of different drums rolling and skeedatling. My friend Owen goes to Bennington College in Vermont where this guy is a professor. What a lucky guy.
Grand Unification
Intuitive Transformations

the entire Milford Graves Grand Unification album in one 107 MB WINRAR file from YouSendIt!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just got my hands on Babi Music, with Arthur Doyle. so im on the look for more Milford. any chance you can reload this one. it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

10:37 PM  
Blogger argio said...

the link is out
please repost

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