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VHS Variations: Congratulations Photo Riff

More artifacts from the VHS jungle.
What can one say about "Deadline"? It sucks but somehow you want to keep watching for another 2 minutes or so. "Dad Could You Please Help Me With My Homework?"- From "Deadline"

This movie does not suck. It is very excellent. Nicholas Ray was fab. He directed it.
Joan Crawford is always fantastic.
"Come And Get Me"- From "Johnny Guitar"
Ain't Movin'- Johnny "Guitar" Watson
I think Faye Dunaway's portrayal of Joan Crawford is among the more successful in the history of "bio-pics".

The theme seems to be child abuse so far. This movie is creepy. It's cheaply made and has the feel of one of those afterschool specials about troubled youngsters. It's creepy because of the subject matter, but also because of the way it looks. It has that extreme video look. You know when you find an old VHS tape that has episodes of "Oprah" on it when she was 400 pounds? The image is sort of blurry like it's been slighty shifted to the right and the color has been sort of flattened. Anyway that makes the movie look more seedy. You feel like the bad guys in the movie stuck it on your shelf with their bad guy germs all over it! Blechh!
"You're Just A Ward Of The State"- From "South Bronx Heroes"

It was the 1980's. "Police Academy" was a big hit. The boobs were plentiful. Unfortunately they forgot the laughs.
"Everythings Gonna Be Alright, We're The Police"- From "Night Patrol"
"Liz Taylor, Micheal Jackson, Richard Simmons"- From "Night Patrol"
Karaoke of "Every Breath You Take" - Police

This era of the VHS empire had it's share of "Vietnam Vet Comes Home" flicks. Paul Schrader came up with "Rolling Thunder" early on in the genre.
"He's One Macho Motherfucker"- From "Rolling Thunder"

This time the Vet is played by Dirk "Face from The A-Team" Benedict and his ladyfriend is played by Linda "Reagan From The Exorcist" Blair. This is my brothers favorite movie. (Special note, Linda Blair is also in "Night Patrol".)

"Let Me Spell It Out For Ya"- From "Ruckus"

Morgan Fairchild is a news lady and some crazy stalker dude goes bonkers for her. It's at least worthy for a couple goofy audio clips.
"I Like Lookin' At You"- From "Seduction"
"Hi Jamie? You Don't Know Me But.."- From "Seduction"

This movie is okay. Divine is in it. So is the chick from "Footloose", Lori Singer.
"What The Hell You Lookin' At?!"- From "Trouble In Mind"

This is a really really bad movie. It's even worse than that, actually.

"Why The Drugs John?"- From "Wired"

The real thing is here......
Guru Craig Baker, The Perfect Master- Christopher Guest, John Belushi
Guru Craig Baker, The Perfect Master Visits A Bar- John Belushi, Christopher Guest, Brian Doyle Murray, Gilda Radner, Harold Ramis

Here are some odd unique anthropological recordings that were made about 12 years ago. First, we have a friend of mine from Isleboro (which is an island off the coast of Maine) telling an amusing and discusting true story

Next is recording made of some people talking about the fact that they have been evicted from a cabin in Isleboro, Maine. Take note of the authentic Maine accent of the people in this recording.

Once when I was living in Hope, Maine I had a visit from a friend of mine who was babysitting a 7 year old girl from Brooklyn, NY. When she saw all my musical instruments and such scattered about my living room, she insisted on making a song. This is the result of a quickly set up one take recording which I later added a crappy guitar part.

I love this odd recording that was given to me by one of the participants.

"Copulating The Blues" cassette [mp3] password: TITS
{Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}

the entire "That Niggers Crazy" album in one 72 MB winrar file from YouSendIt


Blogger Don K. said...

Here's the track listing for Copulatin' Blues.
1. Preachin' Blues - Sidney Bechet & His New Orleans Footwarmers
2. Stavin' Chain (That Rockin' Swing, #1) - Lil Johnson
3. New Rubbin' On That Darn Old Thing - Oscar's Chicago Swingers
4. The Candy Man - Rosetta Howard & The Harlem Hamfats
5. Take Your Hands Off My Mojo - Coot Grant & Kid Wesley Wilson
6. Don't You Make Me High - Merline Johnson/The Yas-Yas Girl
7. Wet It! - Frankie Half-Pint Jaxon/The Harlem Hamfats
8. Press My Button, Ring My Bell - Lil Johnson/Black Bob
9. You Can't Tell The Difference After Dark - Alberta Hunter
10. Get Off With Me - Coot Grant/Kid Wesley Wilson
11. How Do They Do It That Way? - Victoria Spivey/Red Allen's Orchestra
12. If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sittin' On It (Before I Give It Away) - Georgia White
13. Yas! Yas! Yas! - Jimmy Strange/The Yas-Yas Man
14. My Daddy Rocks Me With One Steady Roll - Tampa Red's Hokum Jazz Band/Half-Pint Jaxon
15. Stavin' Chain (#2) - Johnny Temple/Harlem Hamfats
16. Please Warm My Weiner - Bo Carter
17. You Stole My Cherry - Lil Johnson
18. Sissy Man Blues - Connie McLean's Rhythm Boys
19. You Can't Sleep In My Bed - Mary Dixon
20. Winin' Boy - Jelly Roll Morton
21. It's Tight Like That - Clara Smith
22. Shave 'Em Dry - Lucille Bogan/Walter Roland

11:37 PM  
Blogger Don K. said...

Sorry too many titles here. I think you'll find most of the titles listed here, though.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Miss F said...

thanks for sharing, I liked it a lot. my favorite track is
"take y0ur hands off my moJo"... the lady s0unds so sassY and feistY. thanks also for the Horace Silver share.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Charles Hendrick IV said...

You're very welcome Miss F.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello??? are ya still alive or what? where'd ya go? come back to us, PLEASE!!! i hope ya didn't go away like so many of my other friends have done..

4:53 AM  
Blogger Charles Hendrick IV said...

Don't worry, I'm coming back. I've had some changes occur in my computer usage facilities. Chasradio still has alot of subject matter to explore. Thanks for the concern

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog, thanks for sharing some neat stuff. Where did you get hold of the old National Lampoon/SNL skits? Any more you haven't posted yet?

2:04 PM  

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