Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Derek Bailey/Pat Metheny/Gregg Bendian/Paul Wertico

Two drummers, two guitars. Reckless sound paintings. Supreme atmosphere. Illness created and cured. This is some of the very best to come out of the Knitting Factory Works label. It's quite a relationship I have with this music. Derek Bailey died for Christmas. Perhaps it was Santa's little joke. Pat Metheny has a similiar reputation as PAUL McCARTNEY. "He's a pretty guitar player." Pat made it hard on himself with his frizzy little hairdoo. Fuck Trey, I want Pat! But, DEREK & PAT!!!! What? Anyone who has heard "Zero Tolerance For Silence" can imagine. I remember when I was a child growing up in Maine with the Canadian commercials on TV. They had the worst vision of orange and those voice over edits were stunning. Was it a Furniture Store in New Brunswick or the Custom Meats in Halifax that had the commercial with Pat Metheny smoothing it up in the background. There was another one with Jeff Beck in the background. THE FUSION FAN IN ADVERTISING FROM CANADA INTRODUCED ME TO PAT AND JEFF. I was already well schooled in JAZZFIZZ by the time THE WEATHER CHANNEL came around. So we have The Sign Of 4 album, a three disc set that I believe was a limited release that was cheap, I think I got it for $12.THIS IS NOT JAZZFIZZ, I PROMISE. The drums kick ass and Derek & Pat are perfect. Special note: Bendian & Metheny are heard to the left/ Bailey & Wertico are heard to the right.You have a CHOICE of either downloading a couple of taster tracks, or the whole of Disc One! (10.7 MB file) A Study In Scarlet 1- Derek Bailey/Pat Metheny/Gregg Bendian/Paul Wertico (3.9 MB file) A Study In Scarlet 2 (5.7 MB file) A Study In Scarlet 3 All Of Disc 1 in one 86.8 MB WINrar file via Rapidshare


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