Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Paul McCartney Liverpool Sound Collage

Paul McCartney is cooler than some people realize. Those who so quickly dismiss him as "sappy" or "the soft one" are not familiar enough with his body of work to make such remarks. When one hears "Ebony And Ivory" 900,000 times too many on the radio or even "Yesterday", it's too easy to feel a certain hostility towards the song or even the artist. This is the guy who sang "Long Tall Sally", "Helter Skelter", and "I'm Down". This is the guy who put out more diverse music AFTER The Beatles than all the remaining three combined. I may be more tolerant to the meanderings of pop artists in the course of a career than most "pop fans", but Paul is an extra special case. Hopefully those in doubt will check these tracks out and dig them. They offer a bit of Paul McCartney that you may not have had the opportunity to notice. I find the "Liverpool Sound Collage" particularly interesting because it's a real departure from his other commercially released recordings. In it you can hear snippets of Beatle chatter in the midst of a sort of digital manipulation atmosphere that is unique. If you already think Paul is the man, then check out this website. (11.8 MB file) Plastic Beetle- Paul McCartney & The Beatles (8.5 MB file) Check My Machine- Paul McCartney(4.5 MB) Name And Address- Paul McCartney & Wings (7.1 MB file) The Mess (Live @ The Hague)- Paul McCartney & Wings (3.3 MB file) Spin It On- Paul McCartney & Wings


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