Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Miles Davis Is Among Us

What would my blogspot be without MILES DAVIS. This is from the CD Re-issue of "Dark Magus", which was originally released only in Japan in 1977. Miles is getting psychotic with this particular band. The rhythm guitar player is none other than REGGIE LUCAS, who later went on to produce MADONNA'S breakthrough album "Like A Virgin". I love it went jazz players write and produce pop music. These guys get funky like none before or since. This is the fusion that outlasted most of the other "JazzFizz" of the 1970's. Miles was the punk of the jazz world, especially with this band here. He pissed off a lot of jazz purists when he was releasing albums like these. Maybe that's why it was originally available only in Japan. This was recorded live on March 30, 1974 @ Carnagie Hall, NYC.(17.9 MB file)Moja Part 1- MILES DAVIS(18.1 MB file) Moja Part 2- MILES DAVIS


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