Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rare Prince (Soul Obsession)

It's time for me to thank the hugely fantastic R&B/Soul/Funk related blogs out there. There's a bunch of 'em (Soul Shower, Funky 16 Corners, Soul Sides, Ear Fuzz, Filthy Choice, MonkeyFunk, and Home Of The Groove. I love all kinds of music (like most bloggers do) and the internet blogging community enhances my on going journey. The bloggers who focus on Soul-Related music provide us lucky surfers with puke-loads of rare finds, classic must-hears, and general booty shaking grooves. I've been literally turned around since I started checking these sites out a year ago. I am very grateful to you all. Of all the great stuff that gets posted, I can't recall much of any PRINCE being discussed. I may have missed a post or I just don't remember any being done. It's probably due to the fact that everybody knows PRINCE well enough, so why add to the pile thats already available? Well, I think PRINCE deserves some blog time. He has so many recordings that were only released once as B-Sides or Maxi-Singles that are out of print. He also has a vast amount of studio outtakes that have never been officially released. His career is a "Rare-Cut Posters Wet Dream" filled with odd avenues of musical adventures. I am obsessed with his music and have a shitload of these rare cuts. There was a website from France that I can't remember the name of that had a lot of this kind of material regularly posted, but I think it's gone now (my link to it died), so what do we do now?
I already very recently had a PRINCE BOOTLEG POST that offered some live tracks. Now I offer you some tracks from officially released Maxi-Singles. If you like the smooth soul side of PRINCE then you'll love these tracks. (7.3 MB)Letitgo(Cavi' Street Edit)- PRINCE (9.1 MB file) Beautiful (Mustang Mix)- PRINCE
I also included this guitar instrumental track from 1986 found on a "Letitgo" European Import Single.(7.1 MB file) Alexa De Paris Extended Version)- PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION


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