Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FZ Type Stuff

FZ & Eric Bogosian Blood On The Canvas
Captain Beefheart Classic Interviews
Flo And Eddie Interview 1976 Australia
Mike Keneally 1988 Telephone Interview
1968 WFMT Chicago Interview With Studs Terkel
FZ 1975 Syracuse Lecture Part 1
FZ 1975 Syracuse Lecture Part 2
FZ - Story Of Francesco Zappa
1988 Larry King Live FZ Interview
1989 Larry King Live FZ Interview
FZ Radio One Star Special (1980) [FLAC] password: TITS
Dick Barber Interview 1990
"Blood On The Canvas" was a sort of radio play that Frank Zappa & Eric Bogosian created. Eric did all the voices/characters and Frank did some synclavier music. I think it's one of the most interesting projects Frank has ever done. Too bad it was never aired and has never been released. You get a mp3 copy of a hissy cassette.

"Captain Beefheart Classic Interviews" is what it says, sort of. I have heard better interviews with CB, and if I were to title this interview I wouldn't call it classic, but it's interesting enough if you're a big fan. Recorded during the "Bluejeans & Moonbeams" era.

"Flo & Eddie Interview 1976 Australia" is a very interesting artifact well worth listening to. Flo & Eddie (Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman) talk very openly with some amusing comments on the music biz and their participation in it. A nice casual interview in a hotel room.

"Mike Keneally 1988 Telephone Interview" has some insights into FZ's 1988 Tour from one of FZ's best guitarists.

"FZ 1975 Syracuse Lecture" is a very good example of how interesting it is to hear FZ talk about stuff. He covers all kinds of subjects and does an audience Q&A. George Duke & Captain Beefheart are present and add some comments here and there.

"FZ 1968 WFMT Chicago Interview With Studs Terkel" is a classic interview where Frankie discusses the early years in great detail with a very interested Studs Terkel.

"FZ Palace Of Fine Arts Lecture San Francisco 1984" is another speaking engagement which features audience Q&A, and another sort of audio play which dramatizes the fictional life of Francesco Zappa. One of FZ's best ever projects which remains unreleased. Absolutely essential material here.

"1988 Larry King Live FZ Interview" contains Frank & Larry being Frank & Larry with call-in questions etc.

"1989 Larry King Live FZ Interview" more of Frank & Larry. Amusing and interesting.

"1990 Dick Barber Interview" is pretty cool for the hardcore FZ fan. Dick Barber was The Mothers road manager in the earlier days. He also appeared in "200 Motels" and was the guy who did all the snork noises (which he performs during the interview) on the early Mothers albums. Interviewed by a fan with a tape deck, he talks about the old days.
"Frank Zappa Radio One Star Special (1980) " Frank occasionally sat in as a DJ at radio stations. Here's a good example of him spinning a wide mix of tunes, including some of his favorite New Wave groups from that time.


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My god! He lives!

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Thank you extra very munch for the fantastic interviews... Zappa was a most interesting subject to the human experience.

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