Monday, March 20, 2006

Citizen Kane & Other Classic Film Scores Of Bernard Herrmann

Bernard Herrmann is one of my all time favorites. Come to think of it, Bernie pleases lots of people. Orson Welles brought Bernard to the film world after they had worked together on many radio productions. That first film (and only film they collaborated on) was "Citizen Kane" (1941). The soundtrack of the film is not unlike the world they created on the radio. No other film before this had lavished such attention on the sounds heard as you watch the movie. Peter Bogdonavich suggests to the Orson Welles fanatic that if you were to listen to the film and not watch it, a great deal of drama is presented like that of a radio broadcast. Many treats for the ears to notice without the distracting visual accompanyment. Orson was radio's greatest innovator back in the
day and his first film has that experience meshed in to great extremes. This record is NOT the original recording of the score as used for the film, but it's a good tribute to the composer and I am happy to present it to you..Enjoy!

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the entire Citizen Kane And Other Classic Film Scores Of Bernard Herrmann LP (FLAC)
{Re-Uploaded August 30, 2012}

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Citizen Kane to narrating a movie about Nostradomus. Quite a career. At least for now, track one "On Dangerous Ground" isn't available.
As a soundtrack nut and a Bernard Herrmann fan, thnaks for the psot.

2:14 AM  
Blogger Charles Hendrick IV said...

Poor Orson had to face the facts. Making money selling ones personality is more reliable than doing Shakespeare or making films.I fixed the track "On Dangerous Ground". I've been rushing to get these posts up lately before I go to work. Working full time is not favorable to my hobbies. Thanks for letting me know.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick fix. A great Orson bit is over at 365 days project.Orson tries to do a commercial for frozen peas and isn't very cooperative.

12:48 AM  
Blogger Miss F said...

wow, thanks for tHis,,,, what a treaT!

1:48 PM  

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