Wednesday, April 05, 2006

VHS Variations: Missing Persons In A Field Of Boobs

"Lunch Wagon" is one of those R rated comedies that saturated the United States in the late 70's through the late 80's. Boobs were the commodity of the day, and "Lunch Wagon" certainly promised that. It has a special kind of charm if you can dig it's low budget sleazy Sub-Hollywood Booby infested cheesey comedy vibe. It also features Missing Persons as part of the plot, which allows them to have a couple of numbers in the movie.
You get to see this band very early in their career, so early in fact that they had a different name. In the credits on screen they're called "U.S. Drag" which later became a song title instead of a band name. The film shows only a portion of the real band. The dudes playing bass and keyboards were not really in the band. I don't think they can even play their instuments. The blonde guy acts the perfect suave 70's Rock And Roll looking person. It has a nice effect.
So that means no Patrick O'Hearn on bass. We have a clean cut looking TERRY BOZZIO on drums, DALE BOZZIO on lead vocals, and WARREN CUCCURULLO on guitar. Warren has gone on to join Duran Duran and also has done his duty as a NAKED ROCKSTAR WHO LET HIS PENIS BE IMMORTALIZED!!! (this should be a warning to those who can't handle seeing a man's member on their computer screen)


"Joysticks" is from the same section of the lower barrel. Boobs are present, but the makers of this movie were clearly exploiting the growing Video Game phenomenon in the early 1980's. This movie features one of the 'Darryl's' from "Newhart" (the blonde one). I've actually watched this movie a few times.
"I am laying down the laws about this arcade"- From "Joysticks"
This tape was one of the many VESTRON tapes I have. They had a special cheesey logo and theme...The Vestron Theme

Along with some early video footage of Missing Persons, why not add some early video footage of the guy who brought them to our attention? I believe it's his first television appearance back in 1963 on The Steve Allen Show. He's playing the bicycle and looking astonishingly young & innocent.

VHS Variations: Woody Allen On Candid Camera

It's time I started digging into my video files. This came from a VHS tape called "Candid Camera All Time Funniest Moments". It's pretty funny. They have Woody dictating a love letter to a secretary. My guess is this came from the mid to late 1960's.Enjoy!

Woody Allen On Candid Camera (This is a big 250 MB file from YouSendIt) the total length is 3 minutes and 30 seconds, so be prepared for a decent quality video file.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

VHS Variations: Oppression

Chas poses in official U.S. Army shirt with authentic Nazi S.S. helmet during a party at his house one year ago.
She Loves You (German Nazi Version)- Peter Sellers

I was getting nostalgic for the days when VHS rocked my world. I started scanning some of these artifacts which led to grabbing audio and finding other related items.There will be more posts of these artifacts periodically.

I bought this cheapo edition of "Hitler Dead Or Alive" for 99 cents at the Woolworths in Rockland, Maine about 20 years ago. It was during the Lobster Festival when everything goes crazy in Rockland. It's a pretty awful movie, but still worthy of an audio sample....."I Will Take Japan By Telephone"- From "Hitler Dead Or Alive"

Springtime For Hitler- From "The Producers" (The Film)
Der Fuehrer's Face- Spike Jones City Slickers

This made for TV movie is full of violence and is alright enough, but it's too friggin' long. Peter O'Toole makes a good Roman oppressor type.
"We Are Leaving Our Fortress Now..."- From "Masada"
Shtetl (Ghetto Life- John Zorn
The Mensch In The Moon- Gary Lucas

John Huston is a favorite of mine, even when he directs films that kind of suck. "Victory" isn't really a bad film, but it's not really good either. Pele is an interesting addition, Max Von Sydow rules, and Sylvester Stallone, well, he's enthusiastic. You may have accidently watched this movie on HBO in the early 80's."You Could Be A Good Goal Keeper"- Pele (From "Victory")

A bizarre film who's cover tells the story well.

"Fuck Off Whiteman"- From "Brotherhood Of Death" [flac]
{Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}
White Man's Got A God Complex- Last Poets

Can't Truss It- Public Enemy

You Are What You Is (from Thing Fish Pre-Mix Demo- Frank Zappa

the entire Richard Pryor album in one 70 MB WINRAR file from YouSendIt