Friday, January 20, 2006

Good Ole Bruce Fowler

What a guy. Wicked smat that guy is. He can play notes on the trombone that no one else can play. He's some kind of mathematician or somethin' fancy. Right full of idears he is. Frank Zappa hung around him. So did Captain Beefheart. The Capt. even drew the pitcha inside the cuva. His brothas was shap too. They was playin' all kinds of that JazzFizz back in the day. This ain't no Jazzfizz though. Like I said befowa Bruce Fowla was full of idears. (6.4 MB file) Ode To Stravinsky & The American Indians- Bruce Fowler (6.4 MB file) Something Big- Bruce Fowler

The Jacksons Live

I got this record at GOODWILL in Rockland, Maine for 50 cents. Not all the tracks on the double album are as excellent as the ones chosen here. The band is hot,especially the drummer (Jonathan 'Sugarfoot' Moffett) and bassist (Micheal McKinney). Quincy Jones is nowhere to be found and it's noticeable. The arrangements are tight enough, but it doesn't have that extra notch (or two) that Quincy demands on his records. It's cool to hear what they sound like live without all the slickness normally associated with The Jackson Zoo. (17 MB file) Workin' Day And Night/Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Live)- The Jacksons

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Woody Allen On Comedy

This is an interesting artifact. The guy asking all the questions wins the WILL MATSON AWARD for diligent uninspired professional "how the fuck did you get in here?" type personality.
Woody Allen Interview 1966

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Derek Bailey/Pat Metheny/Gregg Bendian/Paul Wertico

Two drummers, two guitars. Reckless sound paintings. Supreme atmosphere. Illness created and cured. This is some of the very best to come out of the Knitting Factory Works label. It's quite a relationship I have with this music. Derek Bailey died for Christmas. Perhaps it was Santa's little joke. Pat Metheny has a similiar reputation as PAUL McCARTNEY. "He's a pretty guitar player." Pat made it hard on himself with his frizzy little hairdoo. Fuck Trey, I want Pat! But, DEREK & PAT!!!! What? Anyone who has heard "Zero Tolerance For Silence" can imagine. I remember when I was a child growing up in Maine with the Canadian commercials on TV. They had the worst vision of orange and those voice over edits were stunning. Was it a Furniture Store in New Brunswick or the Custom Meats in Halifax that had the commercial with Pat Metheny smoothing it up in the background. There was another one with Jeff Beck in the background. THE FUSION FAN IN ADVERTISING FROM CANADA INTRODUCED ME TO PAT AND JEFF. I was already well schooled in JAZZFIZZ by the time THE WEATHER CHANNEL came around. So we have The Sign Of 4 album, a three disc set that I believe was a limited release that was cheap, I think I got it for $12.THIS IS NOT JAZZFIZZ, I PROMISE. The drums kick ass and Derek & Pat are perfect. Special note: Bendian & Metheny are heard to the left/ Bailey & Wertico are heard to the right.You have a CHOICE of either downloading a couple of taster tracks, or the whole of Disc One! (10.7 MB file) A Study In Scarlet 1- Derek Bailey/Pat Metheny/Gregg Bendian/Paul Wertico (3.9 MB file) A Study In Scarlet 2 (5.7 MB file) A Study In Scarlet 3 All Of Disc 1 in one 86.8 MB WINrar file via Rapidshare

Paul McCartney Liverpool Sound Collage

Paul McCartney is cooler than some people realize. Those who so quickly dismiss him as "sappy" or "the soft one" are not familiar enough with his body of work to make such remarks. When one hears "Ebony And Ivory" 900,000 times too many on the radio or even "Yesterday", it's too easy to feel a certain hostility towards the song or even the artist. This is the guy who sang "Long Tall Sally", "Helter Skelter", and "I'm Down". This is the guy who put out more diverse music AFTER The Beatles than all the remaining three combined. I may be more tolerant to the meanderings of pop artists in the course of a career than most "pop fans", but Paul is an extra special case. Hopefully those in doubt will check these tracks out and dig them. They offer a bit of Paul McCartney that you may not have had the opportunity to notice. I find the "Liverpool Sound Collage" particularly interesting because it's a real departure from his other commercially released recordings. In it you can hear snippets of Beatle chatter in the midst of a sort of digital manipulation atmosphere that is unique. If you already think Paul is the man, then check out this website. (11.8 MB file) Plastic Beetle- Paul McCartney & The Beatles (8.5 MB file) Check My Machine- Paul McCartney(4.5 MB) Name And Address- Paul McCartney & Wings (7.1 MB file) The Mess (Live @ The Hague)- Paul McCartney & Wings (3.3 MB file) Spin It On- Paul McCartney & Wings

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Impracticle Cockpit

Impracticle Cockpit is a great band. Sure to please fans of dense chaotic poetic challenging type songs. Whenever I hear this band I feel glad that someone has the balls to play this stuff. They are from New Orleans. They still exhist, as far as I know. This record was given to me by the band as a gift. You see, back in 2003, I was in a Frank Zappa cover band and we played a double bill with these guys at a bar in BELFAST, MAINE called LOGOS. LOGOS is no longer in business. They sounded very different at this gig, because their drummer had busted his leg while on tour. He was using one of those old fashioned push button drum machines instead. He kept complaining about it, but I thought it was pretty cool that he would do that. If you listen to the drums on the record, you can hear a DRUMBO influence (DRUMBO was Captain Beefheart's drummer). I don't know how to find these guys, (they don't seem to use the internet to promote themselves), but you may have heard of them. I recorded them when they did the show at LOGOS with us, but it will take some effort for me to locate that recording. I promise I will post that when I find it. They stayed at my apartment after the show, and I really enjoyed having them. I think the words SOUL BROTHERS (& SISTER)apply here.
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Music Of Man Archive

Here is some music I dig from Africa. It's from a CD " Zimbabwe: Music Of Man Archive The Ndebele People".(2 MB file) Calling The Dead Father Back- THE NDEBELE PEOPLE of ZIMBABWE (3.4 MB file) Social Dance 1- THE NDEBELE PEOPLE of ZIMBABWE (4.1 MB file) Social Dance 2- THE NDEBELE PEOPLE of ZIMBABWE (2.3 MB file) Social Dance 3- THE NDEBELE PEOPLE of ZIMBABWE

Dead Milkmen

I've always liked these guys, so here......(1.9 MB file)Takin' Retards To The Zoo- THE DEAD MILKMEN (2 MB file) Junkie- THE DEAD MILKMEN

John Zorn And Fred Frith

The song chosen here comes from one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Really. If you're a fan of improvisational music (I know, that's pretty vague)this is A#1 material from two of the most versatile music prophets this world has ever known. I cannot emphasize how much this music here has influenced me. (6.3 MB file)The FOUNTAIN and the MIRROR- Fred Frith & John Zorn

Miles Davis Is Among Us

What would my blogspot be without MILES DAVIS. This is from the CD Re-issue of "Dark Magus", which was originally released only in Japan in 1977. Miles is getting psychotic with this particular band. The rhythm guitar player is none other than REGGIE LUCAS, who later went on to produce MADONNA'S breakthrough album "Like A Virgin". I love it went jazz players write and produce pop music. These guys get funky like none before or since. This is the fusion that outlasted most of the other "JazzFizz" of the 1970's. Miles was the punk of the jazz world, especially with this band here. He pissed off a lot of jazz purists when he was releasing albums like these. Maybe that's why it was originally available only in Japan. This was recorded live on March 30, 1974 @ Carnagie Hall, NYC.(17.9 MB file)Moja Part 1- MILES DAVIS(18.1 MB file) Moja Part 2- MILES DAVIS

Rare Prince (Soul Obsession)

It's time for me to thank the hugely fantastic R&B/Soul/Funk related blogs out there. There's a bunch of 'em (Soul Shower, Funky 16 Corners, Soul Sides, Ear Fuzz, Filthy Choice, MonkeyFunk, and Home Of The Groove. I love all kinds of music (like most bloggers do) and the internet blogging community enhances my on going journey. The bloggers who focus on Soul-Related music provide us lucky surfers with puke-loads of rare finds, classic must-hears, and general booty shaking grooves. I've been literally turned around since I started checking these sites out a year ago. I am very grateful to you all. Of all the great stuff that gets posted, I can't recall much of any PRINCE being discussed. I may have missed a post or I just don't remember any being done. It's probably due to the fact that everybody knows PRINCE well enough, so why add to the pile thats already available? Well, I think PRINCE deserves some blog time. He has so many recordings that were only released once as B-Sides or Maxi-Singles that are out of print. He also has a vast amount of studio outtakes that have never been officially released. His career is a "Rare-Cut Posters Wet Dream" filled with odd avenues of musical adventures. I am obsessed with his music and have a shitload of these rare cuts. There was a website from France that I can't remember the name of that had a lot of this kind of material regularly posted, but I think it's gone now (my link to it died), so what do we do now?
I already very recently had a PRINCE BOOTLEG POST that offered some live tracks. Now I offer you some tracks from officially released Maxi-Singles. If you like the smooth soul side of PRINCE then you'll love these tracks. (7.3 MB)Letitgo(Cavi' Street Edit)- PRINCE (9.1 MB file) Beautiful (Mustang Mix)- PRINCE
I also included this guitar instrumental track from 1986 found on a "Letitgo" European Import Single.(7.1 MB file) Alexa De Paris Extended Version)- PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION

Monday, January 16, 2006

Found Comics Section (aka W.C. Fields post)

I found this comics section inside one of those albums of 78 records that DON McLEAN gave me called "Hot Piano/Johnny Guarnieri Trio". Unfortunately I have no way of listening to this or any other 78's I own so I cannot provide any audio from "Hot Piano", however there is a site that exclusively features mp3's of 78's called Turtle Services Limited. This particular comic strip reminded me a lot of W.C. FIELDS, so I included an audio clip that could be easily transposed into a comic strip of this sort. The audio clip is taken from "It's A Gift" (1934)Carl LaFong- from W.C. Fields' "It's A Gift" [FLAC]
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An Evening With Mike Nichols & Elaine May

When I was about 10 years old I watched a movie called "Catch-22". I remember not really understanding it, but I liked it. It was directed by a man named MIKE NICHOLS and I had not yet seen "The Graduate" or "Carnal Knowledge". Anyway, after awhile I gathered that he was involved in the theater and had a Broadway success with a woman named ELAINE MAY back in 1960 called "An Evening With Mike Nichols & Elaine May" which was directed by ARTHUR PENN. It's funny, because all three of these people later became Hollywood directors.
The years went by and I only had a vague notion of what this Broadway show was like: a lot of improvisation, just two people up there on stage creating characters, and the fact that it was a huge success. One day I was at my friend ADRIAN's house and I saw a little chunk of records so I peeped through and found "An Evening With Mike Nichols And Elaine May". Needless to say I borrowed it and this is what I have here.The track I posted reminds me a little of the SCTV bit "The Sammy Maudlin Show" which was done about 20 years later. Special note: I think Elaine May is fox.
 Disc Jockey- Mike Nichols & Elaine May [FLAC]
Or get the whole thing..........
An Evening With Mike Nichols & Elaine May (Entire LP) [FLAC]
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Bewitched Bothered And Bea Kalmus

The coolest part about this record I found is the fact that it was SIGNED by BEA HERSELF! When I buy a used record such as this I always imagine what the circumstances were when it was originally purchased brand new. Some couple in Chicago at The Chez Paree having cocktails while Bea bares her soothing soul nearly traumatizing the poor busboy with her leering "come get me" eyes every night. After her set she meets with all the nice couples to sign their new Bea vinyl covers. She politely chats about her devotion to show business and smiles as they all congratulate her. "I love your hair. You must have your own personal hairdresser." says wifey. "No doll, I do my own hair, and someday some little brat named DWEEZIL(see post below) is gonna wear this and call it his!" answers Bea.
Extra special note: The album says that Bea was the FIRST FEMALE DISC JOCKEY IN THE UNITED STATES. Oh, and also she is known for her IMPRESSIONS of famous people. (2.1 MB file) You Belong To My Heart - BEA KALMUS [FLAC]
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