Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some Recently Released Music

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good Today

The road construction has resumed outside my house. It's still good today. The sign holding lady laughed as I backed over one of the little reflector posts they've been sprinkling up Route One as they shatter the tar. It's a streak of blechh in the middle of this pretty little Maine coastal neighborhood. Even little Saturns rumble past with considerable noise on this rutted formerly paved road. I enjoy it somehow. Even waiting in the line of cars as soon as I leave my driveway is helpful when I feel like being late. "That traffic outside my house." "Oh yeah, that's been going since last spring."
Recognize- Arto LINDSAY Trio
You Can't Please Everybody- Rose Royce

"I'd A Lot Rather Get Wet In Here"

New Car Attitude
Cruisin'- Gene Vincent
Hot Rod- Collins Kids
Heavy Traffic Ahead- Bill Monroe
Motorhead Baby- Johnny "Guitar" Watson

I Like The Fright (Extensions)

Gotta Find Someone To Replace My Brain Damage