Saturday, January 28, 2006


Another tape found in the same pile as the MDC tape. It was a big pile of tapes. Definately a good thing when a band does a song called "I Farted". Lollipop- Hard-Ons (2.7 MB file) I Farted- Hard-Ons (3.2 MB file)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser

Gotta love those albums with two cool dudes sharing the title. A whole lotta old school drum machine with Fred & Henry exchanging their languages. This is among this duo's finest work. From the SST compilation CD "With Enemies Like These, Who Needs Friends?". Roy Rogers- Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser (7.6 MB file) Three Languages- Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser (13.5 MB file) The Kirghiz Light- Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser (7.1 MB file) The Golden Eighties- Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser (8.5 MB file) Hard Times Killin' Floor Blues- Fred Frith (5.1 MB file)

Fuckmusket Private Sessions

Fuckmusket was a band destined to die. What started out as a freeform recording project for improvisation ended up as a rehearsed band doing live shows. Only one album was ever officially released, "Test Tube Trailer", but there remains a live album and another studio album that lay unreleased for some unknown reason. Here's some tracks from the "Fuckmusket Private Sessions (Unfinished Album)". Mostly a collection of improvisations from a large group of people recorded between 1994-1997. This album continues to lay unreleased, with some of the tracks only available on sampler compilations. These tracks represent a small portion of what the album supposedly offers. There is an estimated 200 hours of material from this project. Maybe that's why it was never finished. Shame on you Fuckmusket! In Between My Dreams- Fuckmusket (3.8 Mb file) Passion Thick And Delicate- Fuckmusket (2.2 MB File) Anyway- Fuckmusket (2 MB file) Crashdown (No Joyride)-

Fuckmusket (4 MB file) Josh And Pat Get Down With Anjaaca- Fuckmusket (7.8 MB) If you want to make it easy and exciting for yourself, try downloading 1 Winrar file (53 MB) with 18 Tracks from FUCKMUSKET PRIVATE SESSIONS via Rapidshare

Monday, January 23, 2006

Robert Quine & Fred Maher

(8.8 MB file) Summer Storm- Robert Quine/Fred Maher (5.9 MB file) '65- Robert Quine & Fred Maher
I got this record at a WERU fair when it used to be held at Union Fairgrounds. I found several other records of this nature there. I love it.

Gentle Giant Records Compilation

The Mello-Tones

The snow makes me think of gospel music. (3.8 MB file) Flying Saucers- The Mello-Tones (3.5 MB file) Rough And Rocky Road- The Mello-Tones

20th Century-Fox Composers

MDC Metal Devil Cokes

I recently found this tape. I haven't listened to this in many years. I suspect these guys have been posted in the blogosphere before, but here's a few tunes from my cassette. This is one of those eclectic late "punk" groups from the last half of the eighties. These tunes are fun and need to be heard again. (2.7 MB file) I Was A Dupe For The RCP- MDC (4.5 MB file) Metal Devil Cokes- MDC (3.2 MB file) Ain't It Funny- MDC (1.9 MB file) Mongoloid- MDC

America's Very Own Clint Hartzell

Fans of experimental electronic music should go for this. The man who made them is high on my list.

Clint Hartzell Live 10/20/06 @ Lompoc Cafe - Bar Harbor, Maine

This recording was Clint opening for a band I was in at the time called Full Contact Kitty. Halfway through you can hear Clint and I talking briefly about him doing sound for us after his set. This track replaces the tracks originally posted here in 2006, as I cannot find the originals. It was uploaded on September 1, 2012. Check out a more recent track of his here:

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Early (Early) Heretix

Does anybody remember Heretix? They were a Boston based band who put out a couple albums on Island Records in the early 90's. Some of the guys in the band were actually from this part of Maine here where I live. I remember my friend MATT BOYD was into them when they were in High School. This was around 1984 and we were just kids (see the very first post). I think they played at the Camden High School Prom way back then, but I'm not sure. One thing I am sure about is my oldest sister HOLLY wanted to go see BILLY IDOL in Augusta, Maine around this time. She wanted to go with her friend "Eric", so naturally my parents consented to drive them. Somehow I convinced my parents to let me go for the ride. You see I was too young to go to these concerts, so I did the next best thing by waiting around with my parents outside while my sister did the "Rebel Yell" inside. I remember being able to hear some kind of loud echoey noise in the distance. It was my first concert I guess. It was all in my imagination, but I had the whole show in my head the way I imagined it. So what does this have to do with the band Heretix? Well "Eric" was none other than Eric Hill, bass player for that Fab High School Phenomenon, Heretix!
He was dressed up like Billy Idol with the spiked hair and various tough guy attatchments. My dad kept calling him "Frankenstein" because he had big eyes and was wearing a chain around his neck. I was seated in the 3rd backseat, you know the kind that faces out the back of the stationwagon. I had my battery powered BOOM BOX back there playing THE JACKSONS VICTORY tape over and over. I think I drove him nuts.
There was a cassette tape that MATT BOYD had of them that was recorded in the Mid 1980's. On the tape is written "Meddling Kids EP". Most of the selections found here come from that tape. It's very eighties sounding. I doubt this is available in anyway, EXCEPT NOW! As a bonus I have included two tracks from a VINYL TEST PRESSING of their 1990 album "God's & Gangsters". I remember they played in CAMDEN, MAINE at THE BAYVIEW STREET CINEMA when I worked there around 1989, and they brought some of these TEST PRESSINGS to sell to their hometown fans. Special Note: The guitar player of this band (Brian Hill, Eric's brother) now is the owner/chef of a really high end restaurant in CAMDEN, MAINE called FRANCINE. I used to perform there alot. Before he bought it, he just worked there and he would come out at the end of the night whenever I sang Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby, One More Time". I think he got a real kick out of it. I had to guess a couple of the track names because there was no track listing, but I think I got 'em correct. All Around The World (Version 2)- Heretix
Simple Wish (High School Version)-Heretix
Simple Wish (Gods & Gangsters Version)- Heretix
entire Heretix Meddling Kids EP PASSWORD:chasradio