Friday, January 13, 2006


RDweezil Zappa

And then there was Dweezil. This is my favorite of the Dweezil Variations. One of the reasons is definately because of the cover photo (included here). Dig the kid with the drumsticks lower right. He's looks ready to rumble. Dweezil's got that hair! Steve Vai had a hand in all this. Not the mini-pops, these little shits can PLAY!  
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Devo Live 1980

I've had this record for awhile. I bought it at a used record store that no longer exhists called "Blind Albert's" in Rockland, Maine. It says it was recorded at The Fox Warfield San Francisco August 16, 1980. Good Stuff.      Devo Live (12'' Promo) [2496 Vinyl] {FLAC}      password: TITS
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Keir Dullea

When people hear the name 'Keir Dullea' they either think "Oh, that child actor from the 80's" or "Isn't that a brand of ski boots?". Then again others may think "He's the guy in Stanley Kubrick's 2001." He was good in close ups. You see his face alot in some of his movies. There is something unique about his expressions. There's also something unique about his music, but in a very different way. I'm afraid I'd have to put his music in the "Oddball Actor Who Likes Singing In Public" category. I wonder if Keir ever took Stanley aside during the making of 2001 and said "You know Stanny baby, you could use a good Broadway number here. Choregraph some of these switchboard lights, bring out some tuxedos, we could have HAL and me do a duet, whaddya think Stanny? Will it work?" 

Keir Dullea- Mother Earth
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I thought it might be nice in addition to hearing Keir sing for us about Mother Earth to hear him totally freak out when someone touches his shoulder in the movie "David And Lisa" which he starred with Janet Margolin way back in 1962. This is another great movie made by another interesting film director named Frank Perry.(469.42 KB file)"You Touched Me!!!- from David And Lisa 1962

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dead Peoples Treasures

There was a different man who lived in Rockport, Maine. He lived with his wife. He died and the wife moves away but there's all this "stuff". That's where I came in. That's where I found this "Amazing Stories" issue.

Found Love Letter (aka Love Letter From Jail)

There was a man who lived in Rockport, Maine who was very old. He had a live in maid named Roberta. The old man died and Roberta moved out. The house went up for sale, but someone needed to take all of the "stuff" in the house to the dump. That's where I came in and this is the letter I found in Roberta's room under the bed. I used to read portions of this letter to audiences as part of my solo act with some kind of pre-recorded music playing in the background. This was recorded live at FRANCINE BISTRO in Camden, Maine 2003.
Love Letter From Jail- CHAS (FLAC)
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My Brother DEWEY

My brother DEWEY is in Florida right now and I miss him. Here's some of his work.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Richard Fucking Simmons/Chas & Jason/The Limited Time Only Band

Here's some recording I have made in the last year with 3 different groups. The first track is a band that was called RICHARD FUCKING SIMMONS. We used a different name for each gig. We were (are) a good time party music band doing lots of covers like THE RIVINGTONS, PRINCE, STEVIE WONDER, BEATLES, THE SONICS, DEAD KENNEDYS, you get the idea. We have an amusing recording from a party at PER's house in August where we made it through about a 30 seconds of "Boogie On Reggae Woman" before the cops came and told the band to move inside.(Persons in group are GREG McGOWAN-guitar/GLEN DUBOUIS-bass/JASON DEAN-drums/CHAS-vocals).Boogie on Camden Police- Richard Fucking Simmons
The next track was recorded at a bar in BELFAST, MAINE last august as well. I used to host an open mic at this bar once a month. Basically it would just be me up there on the stage most of the night beatboxing or doing some other improvisational material. Usually my friend JASON DEAN (who plays drums for most of my band projects) would show up and we'd do our little voice and drum act. We had a friendly crowd that night. We start this with a doo wop inspired improv and move into an extreme version of a tune I wrote a long time ago called "I'm Gonna Devastate You".
(persons on stage JASON DEAN-drums/CHAS-vocals) (8.2 MB file) DooWop Improv/GonnaDEVASTATEyou- JASON&CHAS
LIMTED TIME ONLY BAND recorded live from an FM RADIO BROADCAST in December 2004. It's a song I wrote that very deliberatly has no understandable lyrics. The radio station was WRFR-LP FM 93.3/99.3 ROCKLAND MAINE. I suppose I should mention that I do a radio show every thursday evening from 5pm-8pm (EASTERN TIME) and you can stream it at WRFR.ORG (persons in group: OWEN CARTWRIGHT-guitar/CLINT HARTZELL-bass,electronics/ROTH MICHEALS-keyboards,vibraphone/JASON DEAN-drums/CHAS-vocals) LET ME KNOW IF YOU DIG THESE TUNES. (6.2 MB file)Untitled- THE LIMITED TIME ONLY BAND

Jacques Foti: A Romantic French Guy Who Seems Very Sensitive

I don't really know anything about this cat except for the bio information on the back cover. I just remember when I bought it at the Salvation Army for 50 cents 10 or so years ago, I didn't think it would be a source of in-jokes that lasts to this day. With certain friends and my brother DEWEY all we have to do is talk in that stereotypical romantic sounding french accent and we got easy laughs. I think this post goes well with the WFMU post about erotic aerobics.
Poem: I Love Your Lips- Jaques Foti
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Super Double Dose Of Prince Bootleg Action

Popular music is everywhere getting the public's attention through the heavy rotation of corporate owned radio and television. In this redundant muck of staleness you can always find a few genuinely interesting "artists" that outlast the hype. One such "artist" is a guy named Prince Nelson Rodgers (Prince for short). He was a megastar in the eighties and has since become a kind of representation of that era when people are searching for nostalgic icons. The man is extremely prolific and seems to always have some new album or single coming out. I think he is one of the greatest events to come out of the various eras of popular music ever and he still impresses me. This is why I am posting these two absolutely fantastic bootleg recordings. They come from two different bootleg CD's that I bought a long time ago and I've never come across them on the internet. Both are from the early 1990's band that he had and both have superb sound quality. The "1999 Medley" is a real knockout showing how tight that band he had was. It actually reminds me of how FRANK ZAPPA often puts his band through a tough workout: improv mixed with very specific changes and real bandleader manipulation. Check 'em out!(10.1 MB file) Shhhh! (Live 1993)- Prince (19 MB file) Medley (Live 1993)- Prince

Elvis Presley Studio Outtakes: I'm Falling In Love (takes 1-4)

Remember that Don Mclean post and all the talk about those BOXES OF CASSETTES I mentioned? This is a track from one of the store bought tapes in the mix. There certainly was a lot of Elvis tapes in those boxes, and most of them were outtakes that I had never heard. Not that I'm an Elvis expert or anything, but these all seemed filled with an innocent Elvis, free from all the slickness that muted out the personality we all find so interesting.(4.5 MB file) (I'm Falling In Love (Takes 1-4) Elvis Presley

A Richard Pryor Post For You

I Love Richard Pryor. He helped me get through ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. I was sad when he died. Here's his last recorded comedy bit from 1992/1993 AFTER his battle with Multiple Sclerosis began. In Fact, the comedy here is ABOUT multiple Sclerosis. from the "...And It's Deep Too" 9 disc boxset.(9.8 MB file)
Richard Pryor-M.S.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Music by Peer Rabin

Here is a funny little song from a movie by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The song is called "I Kill Them" from a movie called "Whity". If you haven't seen any Fassbiner Films go find some in the FORIEGN section of your video store, or maybe try the SALE BIN.(3.4 MB File) I Kill Them- Peer Rabin from "Whity",a film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Audio Letter/Mixtape To Don Mclean

If there ever was a cassette waiting for the internet it would be this one. I have worked for Don Mclean since he first moved to Maine about 15 years ago. He's a really nice guy with a very intelligent and friendly family. I made sure to let him know that i am a "Data Collector" and he can appreciate that. He's got a lot of stuff that you could imagine a guy like that might own: musical instruments,16 mm films, records, tapes, rock n roll memoriabilia, etc. So eventually he starts giving me stuff like a drumset, a PA, some mics and BOXES OF CASSETTES. He told me most of the cassettes were given to him over the years by friends and fans and he just doesn't have the time to sort through them. There was a lot of store bought tapes like Marty Robbins or Fats Waller, but there was also alot of handwritten jobs in there too. One of them was a Maxell with no writing on it. When I first put it in, it started at the beginning of side 1 and out came the strange nasal voice that said..."Hello Don Mclean..." Needless to say I was enthralled from that very moment for I had just discovered a genuine AUDIO LETTER/MIXTAPE from a weird little fan of Don Mclean! A lot of the songs chosen are actually quite good, so I included 2 by the Supremes with nasal introductions by Denny Cronin. There are more magical moments of sheer PRE PODCAST ANNOYING CHATTER on the tape that I shall liberate from it's magnetic prison later. Actually you can get it now.....Entire Audio Letter Mixtape For Don McLean [FLAC]
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Vinyl Zappa: "Anything" from "Cruising With Ruben & The Jets" The VINYL VERSION!

Frank Zappa is one of my heros. He helped me make it through high school. Anyone who knows their Zappa knows that the album "Cruising With Ruben And The Jets" as released in 1968 is no longer available. When Frank won his lawsuit against Warner Bros Records, he got all his master tapes back from the 700 million albums he released through them. He proceeded to re-release them in the brand new Compact Disc format often times remixing/remastering the original master tapes.
Well, somewhere along the way he decided to RE-RECORD some of the bass and drum tracks on a couple of CD reissues, causing purists to wilt into whining little particles of undetermined origin. Imagine, you listened to this nifty little doo wop Zappa album for 17 years with good ole Roy Estrada's 1968 sounding bass guitar and that pre-70's studio drum sound suddenly replaced by a completely different feeling "pulse" recorded over 10 years later by different musicians.
Thankfully we still have used vinyl. When i saw this record in a bin of a Portland, Maine record store for $3, I nearly said the word "shit" out loud in front of everybody. I really love this tune. It was co-written by Ray Collins.
Anything (Vinyl Version) - The Mothers Of Invention [FLAC]
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Interview with John Belushi by Harold Ramis (Animal House Promo Disc Side 1)

This is a good example of how funny some of the improv was in the SNL camp. I also love it when future big shot film directors (like Harold Ramis) do these kinds of things. John Belushi was genuinely funny especially when he's doing improv. I consider this a "Lost" masterpiece that needs to be put into some kind of circulation. Taken from Side 1 of a MCA Promo Record 1978.John Belushi Interview by Harold Ramis [FLAC] {Re-Uploaded August 17, 2012}

Mel Brooks "The Inquisition (Parts 1&2)"

I found this at a yard sale about 8 years ago. It was inside the Illustrated Promo Book from "History Of The World Part 1". A good example of the kind of movie I really dug when I was a youngster. I haven't seen it in quite awhile. Mel has a real flair for these kinds of musical numbers in his films.(6.1 MB File)Inquisition Parts 1+2 Also take note that Gregory Hines was in the movie (he's a great dancer!)

Yoko Ono- "Open Your Box" rehearsal (with John Lennon) 1972

http://open your box (rehearsal)(4.8 MB file) Yoko Ono is pretty rad. She has always interested me. People give her a hard time because John Lennon loved her. I guess that's the price she had to pay. I really love this track. It's funky, it's raw, it's dirty, and most of all it's YOKO! This was taken from a bootleg CD I have that says it was recorded at Butterfly Studios August 1972. It's a rehearsal for a Fillmore East gig.

Boyd/Chas Second Album Side 2

And here is side two. Some of this album was recorded with the two of us on the telephone. I lived about a mile or so up the road from him and we rode the school bus together (which is where we are on the "Greyhound Bus" portion). Dig the "kooloo koo koo koo koo koo koo!" chants and authentic childhood buffoonery. We recorded over Quiet Riots "Metal Health" tape to create this oddity. So there you are with my first posts. More oddities to come. Some vinyl I've got is waiting to be shared! SIDE B - Boyd & Chas Mackenzie [FLAC]
Chas & Boyd Mackenzie Entire Album [FLAC]
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Boyd/Chas Second Album Side 1

Welcome. I'm going to cover alot of areas here. I'm starting with one of the first recordings I ever made as an "Album". I think this is from 1984. I recently rediscovered this cassette in an attic. My best friend and I were really into alot of comedy albums and Dr. Demento, so this was our attempt to make a sort of comedy album of our own. We managed to pretty much rip off Bob & Doug Mackenzie's style right down to variations on on some of their bits. I (Chas) was 10 while my friend (Matt Boyd) was 11 or 12. It's very strange for me to hear it now over 20 years later. I like it. This first post should please fans of found tapes.SIDE A - Boyd & Chas Mackenzie [FLAC]
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