Saturday, April 15, 2006

Live Electronic Music Improvised- AMM Group & Musica Electronica Viva

This album hangs out and is groovy. Noises and textures and stuff. Not your typical "Electronic" type record. I would like to play in one of these bands. This record is good enough that I accept the extra vinyl noise during the last 2 and a half minutes of each side. This was from a nice little crack that sunk into the grooves a bit.

Entire Live Electronic Music Improvised LP [2496 Vinyl] (FLAC) password: TITS
{Re-Uploaded August 27, 2012}

The Residents Mark Of The Mole

Bob Moses Bittersuite In The Ozone

I've got three Bob Moses albums which I bought at Goodwill. This is one of them. It's probably my favorite of the three.  {Re-Uploaded August 30, 2012}
Bob Moses - Bittersweet In The Ozone LP [FLAC]
password: TITS

The Effects Of Manual Labor On My Soul

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I just got this really awesome old book of movie posters and I couldn't resist putting one up in a speedy on-the-way-2-work post. Here's an mp3....... I Can't Remember The Title