Sunday, October 04, 2009

More Film Audio Etc

"I have just as many feelings as you" FROM 'THE BREAKFAST CLUB'
"If you let him do what he wants he'll give you money" FROM 'SALO 120 DAYS OF SODOM'
"Polly The Penis" FROM 'PORKYS'
"Motorcycles marijuana $5 records" FROM 'JOE'
"You took off your shoes and picked your feet" FROM 'THE FRENCH CONNECTION'
"The more I think about it, the more irritated I get" FROM 'BLOOD SIMPLE'
"Dibbik Shmibik, I Said More Ham" FROM 'WAITING FOR GUFFMAN'
"I am the new president" FROM 'BANANAS'
"I can't do it" FROM 'THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT'
"Close your eyes turn your head away" FROM 'UNION PACIFIC'
"I'm not what you think I am" FROM 'THE LADY FROM SHANGHI'
"No maam I've been drinking alot" FROM 'HATARI'
"Have you ever been in a turkish prison" FROM 'AIRPLANE!'
"Wardrobe cleaned and burned" FROM 'REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE'
"That beer ain't gonna do you no good" FROM 'RIO BRAVO'
"I was havin' my beauty sleep" FROM 'SCARFACE'(1932 Version)
"Let the woman go you are under arrest" FROM 'ROBOCOP'
"Mark your targets" FROM 'ZULU'

All of the above files in 1 rar file
password: TITS    {Re-Uploaded August 2012}

Here's an audiobook I got online awhile ago. It's the interviews with the fellas that were recorded for the book.

password: TITS
The Autobiography Of Monty Python (mp3) [TITS]
{Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}

I run an Open Mic here in Camden Maine USA at a place called Gilberts Pub. Last week some students from the Maine Media Workshops came down to shoot a sequence of a stage performance for their mockumentary about a Maine hip hop group. I thought it was funny. This is their song.

Here's a funny disco song from the "National Lampoon That's Not Funny That's Sick" LP featuring Bill Murray
Height Report Disco (mp3)
{Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}

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