Friday, February 24, 2006

Chas Birthday: February 24,1974

32 years ago today I was born. I came out backwards, giving my mother a hell of a time. I thought I might share some things about myself to you, seeings how as I don't really have anything in my PROFILE. I Like the color blue and my favorite band is MENUDO. OK, now that you know me better, let's celebrate with more mp3's than you can shake a stick at.

Fantomas put out an album last year that knocked my socks off. Did anyone listen to it? It chronicled the month of April with it's song titles. Listen to a week.. 4/10/05 Sunday- Fantomas (4.5 MB) 4/11/05 Monday- Fantomas (4.5 MB) 4/12/05 Tuesday- Fantomas (2.5 MB) 4/13/05 Wednesday- Fantomas (2.9 MB) 4/14/05 Thursday- Fantomas (4.6 MB) 4/15/05 Friday- Fantomas (1.3 MB) 4/16/05 Saturday- Fantomas (1.6 MB)

Or listen to the whole month
Rahsaan Roland Kirk was a bitchen' motherfucker. This song was recorded when he was just plain Roland.... Search For The Reason Why- Roland Kirk (4.2 MB)
...and here's the album from which it came...
I know I posted Sun Ra recently, but here's a live album that was recorded FEBRUARY 24, 1980. I was turning 6 that year. Here's a taster.... Silhouettes Of The Shadow World- Sun Ra (14 MB) ....and the inevitable album....

Charles Mingus will be around to celebrate...... the entire CHARLES MINGUS "ROOTS & BLUES" album (95.6 MB WINRAR file from RAPIDSHARE)

I have a shitload of mp3's below that I posted in celebration of my birthday. You can download them individually, or in 5 WINRAR files.
Chas Birthday #1 (98 MB WINRAR file from RAPIDSHARE) Chas Birthday #2 (90 MB WINRAR file from RAPIDSHARE) Chas Birthday #3 (93.5 MB) Chas Birthday #4 (94 MB WINRAR file from RAPIDSHARE) Chas Birthday # 5 (88.5 MB WINRAR file from RAPIDSHARE) These WINRAR file mixes aren't in any type of stylistic order.

A track from a cool Prince bootleg 1984......
All Day, All Night- Prince (8 MB)
Yes, I dig Kiss. This world wouldn't be the same without that tongue wagglin',platform shoe wearing,make up sporting dude who sleeps with nuns..... Love Her All I Can- Kiss (5.3 MB)
John Fahey will bloweth you away.... The Thing At The End Of New Hampshire Avenue- John Fahey (6.8 MB)
Back when they called it "Reefer"... Reefer Man- Cab Calloway (3.5 MB)
Mr. D'Angelo's House of Falsetto.... Me & Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine (Live Version)- D'Angelo (9 MB)
The Moist Boys!!!! American Made & Duty Free- Moist Boyz (6.1 MB)
Does anyone remember Jesus Lizard? Lady Shoes- Jesus Lizard (5 MB)

Probably my favorite Beatles song.... You Know My Name, Look Up The Number- The Beatles (5 MB) This is what happens when Pink Floyd hangs around with Italian Film Directors...... Heart Beat, Pig Meat- Pink Floyd (6 MB)
This was taken from a killer boxset called "Trojan X-Rated"... Pussy Catch A Fire- SoulmateS (5 MB)
This song came from the first movie I ever saw, "The Jungle Book"...... The Bare Necessities- Phil Harris (9.3 MB)
Some Dub.... Doctor Seaton In the Echo Chamber- Rupie Edwards (4.9 MB)
I got this off a Mojo Magazine Promo disc...... Itch & Scratch (Part 1)- Rufus Thomas (6.3 MB)
I don't think anyone would disagree with me if I said GG Allin was a maniac. I used to have a friend whose mother rented her basement to him in New Hampshire..... Dope Money (Live)- GG Allin (4 MB) Sam Cooke Live In Harlem 1963..... Twisting The Night Away (Live)- Sam Cooke (8.3 MB)
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings put a fantastic album out a year ago. This is a track I quite liked from it.... Stranded In Your Love- Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings featuring Lee Fields (11 MB)
When this CD of rare Raymond Scott material came out a few years back, I nearly turded..... The Bass Line Generator- Raymond Scott (FLAC)
Limbo: The Organized Mind- Raymond Scott And Jim Henson (FLAC)
My brother Dewey is really into Teddy. He likes to listen to it with his shirt partially unbuttoned.... Love TKO- Teddy Pendergrass (9.7 MB)
XTC live from 1980..... Are You Receiving Me? (Live)- XTC (5.9 MB)
Here's some John Zorn. Joey Baron usually plays drums in the Masada group. This tune has a different drummer, KENNY WOLLESON.... Bithaiveth (Live)- John Zorn (Masada) (25.9 MB)
This is a strong tune by Fishbone from an album that no one seemed to care about....... Nutmeg- Fishbone (20 MB)
Miles Davis, from "On The Corner".... Black Satin- Miles Davis (10 Mb)
We can never escape the endless barrage of Ennio Morricone tracks in the blogosphere..... From Man to Man- Ennio Morricone (6.5 MB)
Frank, Dean, and Sammy being funny..... Comedy- Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin (7.9 MB) Medley #1- Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin (9.8 MB) Medley #2- Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin (16.7 MB) Impressions- Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr. (4.4 MB)
Here's a track from a Discipline Records Compilation..... Sleepwalk- California Guitar Trio (4.3 MB) And Mr. Discipline's band King Crimson from that live boxset "The Great Deceiver" Starless (Live)- King Crimson (22.6 MB)
Jeff Beck in the early days. VERY VERY noticeable...... Nursery Rhyme (Live)- The Tridents (w/ JEFF BECK) (10.9 MB)
National Lampoon makes fun of Neil Young..... Southern California Brings Me Down- Tony Scheuren (7.4 MB)
Frank Zappa makes an interesting listen in a 1966 interview. He's in New York and in the production of his second album "Absolutely Free".... Frank Zappa 1966 Interview NYC (75 MB WINRAR file from RAPIDSHARE)
Yes folks, he's Moanin'..... Moanin'- Screamin' Jay Hawkins (5.2 MB)
Pure and Good..... I Want To Thank You- Chicago Mass Choir (7.7 MB)
My brother Dewey introduced me to E-40. He started listening to him years ago when he lived in Arcata, California.... Mustard & Mayonaise- E-40 (9.5 MB)
More Mike Patton related music..... Violence (Live)- Tomahawk (11.7 MB) Merry Go Bye Bye- Mr. Bungle (24.6 MB) Ugly In The Morning- Faith No More (6.3 MB) Digging The Grave- Faith No More (6.1 MB) Cuckoo For Caca- Faith No More (7.4 MB) Absolute Zero- Faith No More (7.9 MB) I had this Jaco Bootleg that I recorded years ago on a cassette. Kenwood Denard kicks total ass on those drums!!! Invitation (Live)- Jaco Pastorious (14.5 MB) Something from a "Disco" compilation record....... Make Me Believe In You- Patti Jo (9.6 MB)
1974 was the year I was born. That year in the Oscars, "The Exorcist" was one of the contenders. Why not present an interview with William Peter Blatty, the writer of the novel and the screenplay for "The Exorcist"?

William Peter Blatty Interview (51.5 MB) I also have sound tests done for the voice of the Demon by the great Mercedes McCambridge and Linda Blair. Mercedes McCambridge & Linda Blair's Demon Voice Tests From "The Exorcist" (25 MB)
"American Grafitti" was another contender that year, which produced a soundtrack later to become the Bible for Clear Channel Radio's Oldies Stations across America. That aside, it did have some good tunes on it like this Chuck Berry tune..... Almost Grown- Chuck Berry (5 MB)
What would my little birthday music party be without some music that I created? This is stuff I did on my own over the last 3 years. Some of it is live, some of it is not. All of it has been recorded with cheap non-digital equipment. A lot of it is accapella. I wrote all of it except for a Moist Boyz cover and a Paul McCartney cover both done accapella. Ladies and Gents I present the previously unreleased "Chunks Of Chas" compilation......

singing my guts out.

Chunks Of Chas Part 1 (20 MB) Chunks Of Chas Part 2 (16 MB) Chunks Of Chas Part 3 (21.7 MB) Chunks Of Chas Part 4 (16 MB) Chunks Of Chas Part 5 (34.7 MB)
Track Notes on the "Chunks Of Chas" Compilation-
Chunks Of Chas #1
1. Dexcited/No Blues/Ringo Starr Tribute recorded live at Francine Bistro Camden Maine 2003 A short Medley that has potential until the Ringo Starr Tribute ruins it!!
2. As If You'd Care also recorded live at Francine Bistro 2003 Dismal attempt at a sort of Pop item.
3. Hit Me Baby One More Time aka Britneys Fears (Britney Spears Cover) Francine strikes again! The biggest applause always came after this one. It's what I like to call my VOCAL ACROBAT performance.
Chunks Of Chas #2
4. The Mechanics a home recording 2004 Weird accapella compositional nonsense.
5. Great American Zero (Moist Boyz Cover) recorded live at Logo's in Belfast Maine 2003 If you listen closely during the brief moment of silence you can hear a woman telling me to shut up. Classic throat shredding material.
6. Ye Olde's Theme home recording 2004 More accapella compositional shit. Named after my cat.
7. Restless Restless (My entry in the Howard Stern Show Contest 2004) home recording 2004 Accapella love song with lyrics by Vinnie. There's also a version of this recorded with a full band.
Chunks Of Chas #3
8. Coming Up (Paul McCartney cover) home recording 2004 This tune seemed an appropriate accapella conversion.
9. Da Da Hmm home recording 2004 Compositional drivel.
10. Someday You'll Fake Waiting For Me live at Logo's 2003 A sex song.
11. Soundtrack To "This Morning" home recording 2003 I quite like this draggy unmotivated piece.
12. My Aching Back my little dungeon room 2004 I don't know. What do you think?
13. Bum Didda off the coast of my inner island 2004 Thunderously shitty.
Chunks Of Chas #4
14. Threaded Pimple sanctuary location known as home 2004 Nearly resembles authentic crap.
15. Bubby The Stank same as you might think Uninspired dung.
16. CrevisHunter home home up in Maine 2004 A waste of fucking analog tape in that stupid fucking machine that lurks on the table.
17. Love Letter From Jail live @ Francine Bistro 2003 A fave-rave worth repeating.
Chunks Of Chas # 5
18. FreeJazzChas home recording way back in 1997 Drums guitar and bass in a super multi-tracked masterbation session.
19. "I Don't Even Know If It's Real" 2005 homey One of them sound collage efforts that will put me in the clutches of Satan's alluring step sister.
20. Chas Age 10 "Rock This House Down Into Hell" 1984 was a long time ago... I was a strange child who was trying to emulate a heavy metal 80's kind of a thing. The beginning of all this we call Chas.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Star Trek Originial TV Series Sound Effects

A celebration of the old school sound effects creators Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff, and Joseph Sorokin. Nice to hear the various sounds of the Enterprise and all it's cheesy little gadgets. It's like hearing R2-D2's grandfather telling his life story on one of those audiobooks. 
{Re-Uploaded August 24 2012}

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Material Live From Soundscape 1981

This is one of those albums that I would take with me on a desert island. How does one play a CD when stranded on a desert island? It's only a matter of time before your batteries will die. If you could charge your batteries through some wireless method, it may work. Anyway, this album is superior. It's not polished or clean. There are none of the usual Dub interludes associated with Bill Laswell. This band goes beyond the one eyed monster at the end of the tunnel. FRED FRITH-guitar/BILL LASWELL-bass/MICHEAL BEINHORN- electronics/DAVID MOSS- percussion/CHARLES NOYES- percussion/MARK MILLER- percussion. David Moss is astonishing. I used to have a solo album of his that is even more superior, but I lost it (doh!) He's playing the percussion that sounds more like objects being hit (as opposed to a DRUMKIT). He also does some strange vocal sound effects occasionally in this performance. He's someone who I'd like to hear more of. Of course Fred Frith is always good company on a record. I think I liked Material the best when he was around. What a swell guy to be playing the guitar like he was some kind of retarded genius. Bill "Mr. Dubs A Lot" Laswell always impresses me when he breaks away from the Land O'Hooks that he often treads in. He drags that bass through the attack of clanging percussion with no concern for establishing a snappy platform for them to rest. Two sets of Traps go in and out of the various variations found in chunky backbeats stopping and starting unexpectedly throughout. If you like to be awoken from a dream after you've died, this record is for you. Chaos Never Died- Material Live From Soundscape October 16, 1981 [FLAC]     password: [TITS]
{Re-Uploaded August 24, 2012}

Monday, February 20, 2006

National Lampoon The Missing White House Tapes

This is the strangest of the National Lampoon records that I have, especially side 1. It has a whole lotta Chevy Chase and John Belushi back in 1974, before Saturday Night Live. The title refers to Richard Nixon.
National Lampoon The Missing White House Tapes [FLAC]       password: TITS
{Re-Uploaded August 17,2012}

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Alicia De Larrocha