Monday, August 29, 2011

"Take My Breasts Away" by Mammory Towne & Berlin

Recorded in a hotel room in Zageb, Croatia.


Chas & Unnamed Member Of Susan Tedeschi's Band Improv @ Gilberts Open Mic 11 27 07

Chas & Unnamed Member Of Susan Tedeschi's Band @ Gilberts Open Mic 11 27 07 by Chas4 ">   
The night at Gilberts Pub in Camden, Maine when Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, & John Fishman hung out during the Open Mic. Here's a little improvisation I did with one of the members from her band.You can hear Susan Tedeschi clapping & hooting on the recording.  They had played at the Camden Opera House the night before, I believe. I am on vocals & the unnamed musician is playing bass. It's a good little moment that was fortunately captured.


TIT CITY- "Gonna Devastate U" (Live @ Underground Lounge Rockland, Maine Oct 30th 2010)

Music video for a live version of the set opener "I'm Gonna Devastate You" by Tit City.


DJ Chas Live @ Underground Lounge October 30th 2010

Check out this recording of my DJ set from last years Halloween Party. It's a pretty tight mix with lots of surprises.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Pluck From The VHS Pile 1988 & 1990

In this video: Laverdiers Drug Store,Bay View Street Cinema (circa 1988),Atop the hill overlooking Chickeewalkee. Features- Rod Norwood,Ted Millington,Brandon Schmidgall,Matt Boyd,Kathy Hendrick,Audience watching "Hairspray" & Mammory Towne..

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VHS 1987-1991

Some shots of the Gilberts Alley & O'Neils 1990, plus a murder..
Features Dan Bourne,Matt Boyd,Ivan Graham (his voice),Mammory Towne,Nik Tatarsky & Laverne Baker. Mostly from 1990.

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How Do you Feel about Vampires?

Man in the street circa 1991 Camden, Maine. Features Paul Joy,Brandon Schmidgall,Matt Boyd,Wandering Jay,Chuck Hendrick, & others..

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Old Camden Revisited (1990)

Edna's old spot,teenagers smoking cigarettes inside restaraunts (Ferrari's),Library Pre-Underground Era,R-Bret,Wandering Jay,The Ayers Fish Market Cat & other stuff..

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The VHS Archive

A dramatization of an egg fight, a hard boiled study on nerds, this video has some real gems.
Most of this footage was shot on the premises of Camden Rockport High School in 1990. Features Brett Hayward,Chet Teel,Greg Trouw,Suzanne Sultzer,Camden Police, & many others..

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VHS is alive & kicking!

This is VHS from 1990. Some notable appearances by Brandon Schmidgall,Ivan Graham,Jake Hoff,Noah Shepard,Justin Ellsworth,Casey Leonard,Eben Sepe,Mike Goodman,Andy Kierstead,Matt Boyd,Suzanne Stone,Rosemary Crampton & others..

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Mostly this is video from around 1989. The intro is from 1992.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fuckmusket Video from 1996 @ The Camden Snow Bowl

features Rob Brown, Curran Reynolds, Justin Stephens, Nik Tatarsky, & Chas

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tit City Has Arrived!

New blog with original music Tit City

Sunday, October 04, 2009

More Film Audio Etc

"I have just as many feelings as you" FROM 'THE BREAKFAST CLUB'
"If you let him do what he wants he'll give you money" FROM 'SALO 120 DAYS OF SODOM'
"Polly The Penis" FROM 'PORKYS'
"Motorcycles marijuana $5 records" FROM 'JOE'
"You took off your shoes and picked your feet" FROM 'THE FRENCH CONNECTION'
"The more I think about it, the more irritated I get" FROM 'BLOOD SIMPLE'
"Dibbik Shmibik, I Said More Ham" FROM 'WAITING FOR GUFFMAN'
"I am the new president" FROM 'BANANAS'
"I can't do it" FROM 'THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT'
"Close your eyes turn your head away" FROM 'UNION PACIFIC'
"I'm not what you think I am" FROM 'THE LADY FROM SHANGHI'
"No maam I've been drinking alot" FROM 'HATARI'
"Have you ever been in a turkish prison" FROM 'AIRPLANE!'
"Wardrobe cleaned and burned" FROM 'REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE'
"That beer ain't gonna do you no good" FROM 'RIO BRAVO'
"I was havin' my beauty sleep" FROM 'SCARFACE'(1932 Version)
"Let the woman go you are under arrest" FROM 'ROBOCOP'
"Mark your targets" FROM 'ZULU'

All of the above files in 1 rar file
password: TITS    {Re-Uploaded August 2012}

Here's an audiobook I got online awhile ago. It's the interviews with the fellas that were recorded for the book.

password: TITS
The Autobiography Of Monty Python (mp3) [TITS]
{Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}

I run an Open Mic here in Camden Maine USA at a place called Gilberts Pub. Last week some students from the Maine Media Workshops came down to shoot a sequence of a stage performance for their mockumentary about a Maine hip hop group. I thought it was funny. This is their song.

Here's a funny disco song from the "National Lampoon That's Not Funny That's Sick" LP featuring Bill Murray
Height Report Disco (mp3)
{Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Audio Clips From Films

Here are some audio clips I edited from various DVDs in my collection. All in FLAC format.
"Charlie!" from 'Cheech And Chong's Next Movie'
"How Could You Not Touch Yourself" from 'Fellini's Amarcord'
"Do U Mind If I Ask U A Personal Question?" from '2001: A Space Odyssey'
"Bring Cash U Little Jerk" from 'Eating Raoul'
"Christ, Did A Cow Shit In Here?" from 'Kentucky Fried Movie'
"Charlie, That's A Nice Name, Charlie" from 'The African Queen'
"Always Pickin' On Me" from 'Social Egineering 101'
"Fall In The Mud And Get Kicked" from 'Airplane!'
"How About Some Music" from 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure'
"I Loathe Life" from 'Midnight Cowboy'
"Full Penalty Of The Law" from 'Mr. Toads Wild Ride'
"I Can't Bring My Wife 2 Orgasm" from 'Top Secret!'
"Thank U Grace I Think You're Wrong" from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
"Jive Turkey So Close 2 Thanksgiving" from 'Trading Places'
"My Friend Patty Promised Me A Blowjob" from 'The Jerk'
"What's A Dazzling Urbanite Like U Doing In A Place Like This?" from 'Blazing Saddles'
"You're Discusting But I Love You" from 'Love & Death'
"I Would'nt Suck You're Lousy Dick.." from 'Female Trouble'
"She Was Drunk With Wine And Love" from 'The Wild Bunch'
"Fighting 4 Survival" from 'Burden Of Dreams'
"I Know That U Know That I Know" from 'The Last Emperor
"What A Pathetic Creature I Am" from 'Brazil'

Here are all the above files in one rar file:

Audio Clips From Films   password: TITS
{Re-Uploaded August 2012}

Oh yeah, this is a birthday post


Thursday, October 02, 2008

M.I.A. vs TLC

Paper Waterfalls M.I.A. vs TLC
I just finished this mash up this morning.
Other recent mash ups here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interviews With Orson,Woody & Stanley

Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Mash Ups

Sporadic internet connection and other things not worth mentioning have caused me to disappear from time to time. I got a job as a DJ at a local bar about 2 years ago. Here are some of my newer mash ups.
Baby I'm A Star Don't Stop The Music- Prince vs Rhianna
Lil' China Girl Lollipop- David Bowie vs Lil' Wayne
Shake That Nasty Girl- Vanity 6 vs Nate Dogg & Eminem
What I Like About Gold Diggers- The Romantics vs Kanye West

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Chas Birthday Post

It's my birthday once again and seein's how as, I figured I would post some goodies. To start with I have a couple of Dr. Demento Shows from 1974, the year I was born. They're not complete shows, but gems worth listening to.
Dr. Demento was a major influence in my childhood. I would struggle to stay up late on Sunday nights so I could tape it. The first records I ever purchased were Novelty records I had heard on the Dr. Demento show.
Dr. Demento July 1974 mp3  password: TITS    {Re-Uploaded August 23, 2012}
Dr. Demento March 1974 mp3   password: TITS   {Re-Uploaded August 23, 2012}  
Here's a show from February 24, 1985....
Dr. Demento Show Feb 24 1985 mp3  password: TITS  {Re-Uploaded August 23, 2012}

Now we have a couple novelty tunes taken off one of those Dr. Demento compilations....
Existential Blues- Tom "T-Bone" Stankus
Delicious!- Jim Backus & Friend
An old radio show I did back in 2005. Definitely inspired by Dr. Demento. I would try and get some themes in the show's third hour and see how far I could take it. I believe I covered birds,cats, and girls in this hour. I don't have the tracklist cause it's my birthday and I don't feel like it. Besides, I suck.
Chasradio Dec 8 2005 Hour #3 mp3 
Here's an oddity that I've had for a long time.....
Manson Family Opera [mp3] password:TITS  {Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}

From my VHS copy of 'Manson'.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FZ Type Stuff

FZ & Eric Bogosian Blood On The Canvas
Captain Beefheart Classic Interviews
Flo And Eddie Interview 1976 Australia
Mike Keneally 1988 Telephone Interview
1968 WFMT Chicago Interview With Studs Terkel
FZ 1975 Syracuse Lecture Part 1
FZ 1975 Syracuse Lecture Part 2
FZ - Story Of Francesco Zappa
1988 Larry King Live FZ Interview
1989 Larry King Live FZ Interview
FZ Radio One Star Special (1980) [FLAC] password: TITS
Dick Barber Interview 1990
"Blood On The Canvas" was a sort of radio play that Frank Zappa & Eric Bogosian created. Eric did all the voices/characters and Frank did some synclavier music. I think it's one of the most interesting projects Frank has ever done. Too bad it was never aired and has never been released. You get a mp3 copy of a hissy cassette.

"Captain Beefheart Classic Interviews" is what it says, sort of. I have heard better interviews with CB, and if I were to title this interview I wouldn't call it classic, but it's interesting enough if you're a big fan. Recorded during the "Bluejeans & Moonbeams" era.

"Flo & Eddie Interview 1976 Australia" is a very interesting artifact well worth listening to. Flo & Eddie (Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman) talk very openly with some amusing comments on the music biz and their participation in it. A nice casual interview in a hotel room.

"Mike Keneally 1988 Telephone Interview" has some insights into FZ's 1988 Tour from one of FZ's best guitarists.

"FZ 1975 Syracuse Lecture" is a very good example of how interesting it is to hear FZ talk about stuff. He covers all kinds of subjects and does an audience Q&A. George Duke & Captain Beefheart are present and add some comments here and there.

"FZ 1968 WFMT Chicago Interview With Studs Terkel" is a classic interview where Frankie discusses the early years in great detail with a very interested Studs Terkel.

"FZ Palace Of Fine Arts Lecture San Francisco 1984" is another speaking engagement which features audience Q&A, and another sort of audio play which dramatizes the fictional life of Francesco Zappa. One of FZ's best ever projects which remains unreleased. Absolutely essential material here.

"1988 Larry King Live FZ Interview" contains Frank & Larry being Frank & Larry with call-in questions etc.

"1989 Larry King Live FZ Interview" more of Frank & Larry. Amusing and interesting.

"1990 Dick Barber Interview" is pretty cool for the hardcore FZ fan. Dick Barber was The Mothers road manager in the earlier days. He also appeared in "200 Motels" and was the guy who did all the snork noises (which he performs during the interview) on the early Mothers albums. Interviewed by a fan with a tape deck, he talks about the old days.
"Frank Zappa Radio One Star Special (1980) " Frank occasionally sat in as a DJ at radio stations. Here's a good example of him spinning a wide mix of tunes, including some of his favorite New Wave groups from that time.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Chasradio Halloween

I got the name Chasradio from a radio show I do on WRFR-LP (93.3/99.3 FM Rockland, Maine) every Thursday from 5-8 pm. Here's hour #5 from last years 5 hour Halloween special. It contains mostly a collage of stuff from films and records mixed with care. You can certainly expect some portions of dialog from the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis,Paul Morrissey,Tobe Hooper, and other sounds as well as a couple Halloween songs/oddities. Chasradio 10/27/05 Halloween Special Hour #5 (Originally Aired on WRFR-LP FM) mp3

Sunday, May 07, 2006

VHS Variations: Congratulations Photo Riff

More artifacts from the VHS jungle.
What can one say about "Deadline"? It sucks but somehow you want to keep watching for another 2 minutes or so. "Dad Could You Please Help Me With My Homework?"- From "Deadline"

This movie does not suck. It is very excellent. Nicholas Ray was fab. He directed it.
Joan Crawford is always fantastic.
"Come And Get Me"- From "Johnny Guitar"
Ain't Movin'- Johnny "Guitar" Watson
I think Faye Dunaway's portrayal of Joan Crawford is among the more successful in the history of "bio-pics".

The theme seems to be child abuse so far. This movie is creepy. It's cheaply made and has the feel of one of those afterschool specials about troubled youngsters. It's creepy because of the subject matter, but also because of the way it looks. It has that extreme video look. You know when you find an old VHS tape that has episodes of "Oprah" on it when she was 400 pounds? The image is sort of blurry like it's been slighty shifted to the right and the color has been sort of flattened. Anyway that makes the movie look more seedy. You feel like the bad guys in the movie stuck it on your shelf with their bad guy germs all over it! Blechh!
"You're Just A Ward Of The State"- From "South Bronx Heroes"

It was the 1980's. "Police Academy" was a big hit. The boobs were plentiful. Unfortunately they forgot the laughs.
"Everythings Gonna Be Alright, We're The Police"- From "Night Patrol"
"Liz Taylor, Micheal Jackson, Richard Simmons"- From "Night Patrol"
Karaoke of "Every Breath You Take" - Police

This era of the VHS empire had it's share of "Vietnam Vet Comes Home" flicks. Paul Schrader came up with "Rolling Thunder" early on in the genre.
"He's One Macho Motherfucker"- From "Rolling Thunder"

This time the Vet is played by Dirk "Face from The A-Team" Benedict and his ladyfriend is played by Linda "Reagan From The Exorcist" Blair. This is my brothers favorite movie. (Special note, Linda Blair is also in "Night Patrol".)

"Let Me Spell It Out For Ya"- From "Ruckus"

Morgan Fairchild is a news lady and some crazy stalker dude goes bonkers for her. It's at least worthy for a couple goofy audio clips.
"I Like Lookin' At You"- From "Seduction"
"Hi Jamie? You Don't Know Me But.."- From "Seduction"

This movie is okay. Divine is in it. So is the chick from "Footloose", Lori Singer.
"What The Hell You Lookin' At?!"- From "Trouble In Mind"

This is a really really bad movie. It's even worse than that, actually.

"Why The Drugs John?"- From "Wired"

The real thing is here......
Guru Craig Baker, The Perfect Master- Christopher Guest, John Belushi
Guru Craig Baker, The Perfect Master Visits A Bar- John Belushi, Christopher Guest, Brian Doyle Murray, Gilda Radner, Harold Ramis

Here are some odd unique anthropological recordings that were made about 12 years ago. First, we have a friend of mine from Isleboro (which is an island off the coast of Maine) telling an amusing and discusting true story

Next is recording made of some people talking about the fact that they have been evicted from a cabin in Isleboro, Maine. Take note of the authentic Maine accent of the people in this recording.

Once when I was living in Hope, Maine I had a visit from a friend of mine who was babysitting a 7 year old girl from Brooklyn, NY. When she saw all my musical instruments and such scattered about my living room, she insisted on making a song. This is the result of a quickly set up one take recording which I later added a crappy guitar part.

I love this odd recording that was given to me by one of the participants.

"Copulating The Blues" cassette [mp3] password: TITS
{Re-Uploaded August 21, 2012}

the entire "That Niggers Crazy" album in one 72 MB winrar file from YouSendIt

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Siya Hamba! 1950s South African Country And Small Town Sounds

There used to be a cool place to go called INAUDIBLE CITIES that had it's farewell last fall. I remember a couple of tracks from this CD were posted shortly before it went away. I figured why not put it up, partly because I think it's really great, but also in memory of that once frequently visited INAUDIBLE CITIES.
Siya Hamba
Sutha Tselenga
Kunukizembe Pheshakwenciba
Zulaleke Mubemi
Adiyo Jaxo Kxaja Nkwe
Lamnandi Ugolohlano
Bayilami Selimavukuvuku
Pinda Zimshaya
Muntu Olapo
Siya Hamba!
Puma Endlini Yam
Yombela (Clap Hands)
No Doli Wami
Thula Ndivile

password: TITS
the entire "Siya Hamba! 1950s South African Country And Small Town Sounds" album [FLAC] 
{Re-Uploaded August 24, 2012}

Saturday, April 29, 2006

John Waters Interviews Edith Massey & Divine 1980

These interviews came from a Bonus DVD from the John Waters Collection on New Line Home Entertainment. You had to send your Proof Of Purchase tags from all the DVDs in the collection to New Line and they sent you a Bonus DVD. It's got tons of film footage and audio interviews.  These interviews were done for John Waters' book "Shock Value". I believe these were recorded around 1980. John Waters is a heck of a talker, and if you wanna hear him talk you should check out the Directors Commentary on any of his DVD releases. Guaranteed hilarious entertainment, even if you're not a huge fan of his films. He's one of the greatest storytellers of all time. He's letting the others do the talking here, well mostly. He gets a few tidbits in there.

John Waters Interviews Edith Massey And Divine [FLAC]  password: TITS
{Re-Uploaded August 31, 2012}

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some Recently Released Music